One of the last local bands to perform at this year Obscene Extreme Festival 2016 are fastcore/grind maniacs from Jihlava/Brno PRŮMYSLOVÁ SMRT aka PRŮMYSLOVKA. In the underground circles a warmly welcome album titled „Invaze změn“ that has devastated many unprepared ears was released last year.  

The informed ones know this squad functioning since 2003 has become a stabile part of the local fastcore/grind scene and can be put on a level with their more known mates like e.g. GRIDE, LAHAR or LYCANTHROPHY!!!


Průmyslová smrt started in summer 2003 as trio (Johan, Frišta, Štěpán). We wanted to play extreme hardcore shit. Mičl came one day and try to scream something in mic and instatntly became our vocalist. 

First songs sounds in vein of angry hc/punk with social/political lyrics. Band played few gigs, release first CD and few split MC's with friendly bands and then Štěpán leaved the band to play in another band called Mimoritmus. Peťák joined Průmyslová smrt, who already played guitar in hc band Flying shits with Johan and Mičl. Průmyslova smrt started to play faster, harder and more gigs coming, like first Germany tour and next year France, Belgium and Holland. In year 2007 we released split EP w/Kobra IX and we hit the road with our friends Human Steak through Germany, France, Spain. We recorded  for 12“ split with Valhala Pacifists (Dead Heroes rec.) in 2008.. Fastcore as f....! :)  We were giging a lot these times. We get a chance to tour with Lycanthrophy for two times through Europe, which was really amazing! We released split EP with Rapsöd in 2011 and played mostly on fests in Czech rep. We concentrated on making new songs for our LP Invaze změn which was released after few dificulties in 2015. We also released split EP with The Tchendos this year, which is our last record. 

We are looking forward a lot of great parties and concerts this year. Play fast or dont! See you in the moshpit!!!  


Release date Release name Media
2015 Invaze změn LP LP
2015 PS/The Tchendos split EP EP
2011 PS/Rapsöd split EP EP
2008 PS/Valhalla Pacifists split LP LP
2007 PS/Kobra XI split EP EP
2006 PS/Social Chaos split CD CD
2005 PS/Dobroničanka split MC MC (TAPE)
2005 PS/Lobotomia split MC MC (TAPE)
2005 PS/Re-intoxication split MC MC (TAPE)
2004 Průmyslová smrt s/t CD
2004 Live MC (TAPE)


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