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MINCING FURY - Break Me Down


We have bad news from american PLAGUE WIDOW...all we know is thast their tour has been cancelled. We are very sorry about it and offer you another killer outfit!!!  

Hm and this, maybe, totally the last addition of the line-up for this year OEF 2016 will be a very pleasant enlivenment of traditionally full programme for many of you. Death / grind delivered by MINCING FURY AND GUTTURAL CLAMOUR OF QUEER DECAY is something like the well-known ass being placed on a potty. The styles must be honoured and respected! No exceptions.


  MINCING FURY AND GUTTURAL CLAMOUR OF QUEER DECAY was formed back in 2001, only a year after that band released debut CD entitled “Lamentations” which was quite important step to make a good name within the death/grind underground worldwide. During the 15 years existence line-up of the band changed many times (lot of musicians, drunkers and smokers played in Mincing Fury in the past), however today´s line-up (in particular Reef – growling, Milcunt – screams, Motorka – guitar + backing vocals, Had – bass, Dicko – drums) seems to be strong than ever. Mincing Fury has released 3 full-CDs ("Lamentations", "7" and "Devolution"), 1 mCD ("Eye for Eye"), 2 split CDs (with SCREAMING AFTERBITH a live split with FUCK THE FACTS) and finally the latest split 7 EP (with COLLISION). Nowadays, MF guys are working on new material for upcoming 4th full-length CD entitled “Thousand Years of Emptiness" which shall be released at the beginning of 2017. The band already played more than 200 gigs including participation on big well-known open-air festivals and 3 European tours. This year band celebrates 15 years of the existence on the stages – and not only on OEF stage, but also on 2 great festivals in Germany or on Antitrend festival (as every yearJ). MINCING FURY is well-known by spontaneous uncontrolled and crazy live show and in some parts of this planet they are entitled as „stage cleaners“ J.Some parts of the OEF stage shall be cleaned this year indeed… 

Reef - vocals 
Motorak - guitar, backing vocals 
Milcunt - vocals 
Had - bass 
Dicko - drums


Release date Release name Media
2015 Break Me Down - split 7 EP with COLLISION CD
2010 Devolution CD
2009 split live CD with FUCK THE FACTS
2006 7 CD
2004 Eye for Eye MC (TAPE)
2004 La-mentations CD
2003 No Jokes With Devils - split CD with SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH CD
2002 Lamentations CD


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