JUST WÄR Czech Republic

JUST WÄR - Protest Sonet


And what about a local punk band? Sure, why not? The city of 100 towers has again unleashed a hobnailed devil from the chain. This time find the time for pogo at OEF with quite a young band named JUST WÄR where you can however run into old well-known faces from bands like EXEKUCE, CLIMAX or DEMARCHE.  

DISCHARGE d-beat blended with MOTÖRHEAD? Why not? Let us add a bit of EXPLOITED and INEPSY and here they are. JUST WÄR!!!


Deadly HC/punk with elements of Motörhead founded in 2014 by the members of bands like Demarche, Exekuce, Climax or VT.Marvin... With a number of compilations all over the world, two music videos, debute vinyl "The last goodbye" and over hundred live performances they earned reputation of kickass show. If you enjoy the likes of Discharge, Inepsy, Exploited or Motörhed you can't miss this event.


Release date Release name Media
2016 The Last Goodbye CD
2015 The Last Goodbye EP
2015 Punk AID 4


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