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FIEND - Failure


Well, they did not succeed to come to OEF 2016 and if this name still does not say anthing to you, be informed this squad was formed in 2012 in Fresno, California followed by an array of kick-ass recordings like a split 7“ with Dead Issue, an independent 7“ „Derailed“ and they plan to do splits with Suffering Mind or Endless Demise.    

As for the style FIEND play they are a warmly welcome reinforcement of the line-up for the upcoming Obscene Extreme Festival! Fastcore grind rules!!!     


Formed in the summer months of 2012 through a few close friends in Fresno, CA. Joined up through the local DIY community there with a mutual love for old school grind and punk to play angry, abraisive music due to certain low points in everyone's lives at that particular time. It became a good way to channel negativity through that period and was therapeutic as well. A few years later and a lineup change.. still going at it channeling negativity and the obstacles of life into sound.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Fiend/Haggus Tour Tape
2013 Demo DEMO
0 Derailed EP
0 Split 7" w/ Recalcitrant
0 Split 7" w/ Dead Issue
0 Split 7" w/ Endless Demise (coming soon)
0 Split 7" w/ Suffering Mind (coming soon)


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