VIP Camp


To make you feel more comfortably and safer at usual Camping site we decided to establish new VIP Camping Site for you and your tents. 

We were indeed unpleasantly taken by surprise due to stealing in tents that happened last couple of years. Definitely we have to take measures to prevent that evil. That is why we stick to the fests that will have their own VIP camp. We will use a tried and tested system to ensure a better security where VIP camp is situated behind a fence and will be directly adjacent to the fest venue. The entrance will be guarded and you will have the opportunity to move in your sector only…. After our first experience with VIP campsite last year we can say, it´s right step!!!

VIP Camp offers the following advantages:

  • - camping in the fenced area
  • - you can access only the sectors where your tent is placed
  • - light during night
  • - depository available near the VIP camp entrance. You can use it 3 times free of charge (storage of your belongings, recharging of your cell phone or batteries
  • - VIP camp will be guarded 24 hours a day from Wednesday July 5, 2017, 10:00AM til Sunday July 9, 2017, 8:00AM

VIP camp capacity

VIP camping site is conceived for 4 sectors, 1 sector is approx. for 40 tents.


  • - small tent (for 1-2 persons) – 80,- CZK for the whole festival
  • - bigger tent (for 3 and more persons) – 150,- CZK for the whole festival
  • - each person will pay 400,- CZK for the whole festival

In view of the fact that the capacity of the VIP camping site is limited we have decided to establish reservation system. After filling out the form and making the payment you will get a special „VIP camp“ code by e-mail. Please, bring this e-mail code to the box office at camping site and then you will get your reservation :

Notice: Reservation can get only person with the resevatation code. This person (choose one representative from your bunch) will collect special „VIP camp“ wristbands from the box office. You can collect your reservation from Wednesday (5.7.2017) 10:00 AM and then anytime later during the festival.

You will be allowed to enter the VIP camping site only with „VIP camp“ wristband on your arm. Please, respect all instructions of organizers. Your moving inside the VIP camping site is possible only inside your selected sector where your tent is set. You are not allowed to enter other sectors! People without „VIP camp“ wristband are NOT allowed to enter the VIP camping site area!

Although the VIP camping site will be guarded nonstop, don´t leave your valuable things in your tent and use rather festival´s Depository at camping site.

If you are interested in the VIP camping site don´t hesitate and fill in the reservation form below. Making reservations will be possible only until June 30, 2017. In case that the VIP camping site wouldn´t be sold-out until this date, there will be option to buy VIP camp tickets directly at the festival.

Multiple orders: if you are a group of people with multiple tents, you will have to place an individual order for every tent. To get all your group's tents placed into the same sector, the first of you coming will have to provide the information on how many tents (and whether big or small tents) will be in your group to the VIP camp staff. If possible, your whole group of tents will be placed into the same sector.

VIP camp