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#126 23.01.2018 18:29

Comment faire pour récupérer mon billet que je ne trouve plus sur ma boite mail ! Help !!!!

Steph DS #12 24.02.2015 15:08

The VIP camp was way too crowded in 2014 and not as well guarded as previous years... I'd be willing to pay more for more space, some shade and additional showers :-)

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We are talking about bands that are booked for OEF, but also your tips for kick ass bands or bands you want to see at OEF.

Wellington Barbosa #132 01.06.2018 20:39 I would love to see them on Obsene would be amazing ....

Melina Gisselle Escudero #130 15.04.2018 18:15

ApofeniA (? https://facebook.con/ApofeniAsl

Mark Cameron welch #128 05.02.2018 09:28

Clunge Destroyer! 3 piece grind/crust band from the UK

What can we do better at OEF?

linwedwedfew99 #22 05.03.2015 15:10

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Tips and tricks how to get to grinding paradise Battlefield, let´s go together by car, train, bus or plane!

James #102 23.02.2017 21:10

I'm planning to fly into Pardubice Airport, can anyone recommend how I get from there to Trutnov, would anyone be down for sharing a Taxi?

tschangalero #85 12.07.2016 08:43

im from vienna and i need a driveoption today or tommorow to trutnov! 06805577574

Krzysztof #80 02.07.2016 17:38

Witam, jadę sam z Wrocławia 14.07 ok. 15:00, dwa miejsca wolne w cenie kosztów paliwa. Preferowane osoby o otwartym światopoglądzie, towarzyskie i pijące w wieku 30-40 lat, młodzieży do lat 25 nie zabieram (wybaczcie drodzy dyskryminację, ale różnica pokoleń zbyt duża - no chyba że mnie przed wyjazd... more

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Ask whatever you want about OEF!!!

Raymond #131 30.04.2018 03:56

We are planning it

Pelucifer #129 09.03.2018 11:19

Helllooooo alll. im trying to find used/new merchandise from OBE 2009.. if anyones has any left overs please contact me! \m/

Gemma #114 04.11.2017 21:18

Anyone will be travelling to metaldays straight from oef on sun 22nd July 2018?

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Sales points, price of the ticket etc.

Harif Velarde #111 06.09.2017 06:14

Hi, if im from Mexico can buy tickets online too in the page? thank you

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Add and promote your show, recommend good album, tour or gig!

Reef #105 13.06.2017 17:23

ANTITREND OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 2017: Death/grind open air festival with friendly drinking atmosphere Line-up: RAZORRAPE (SWE) - gore grind machine DEPRESY (SK) – legendary dark and melodic death metal more