How can I order Obscene Extreme tickets???

Buy ticket thru our Obscene eshop, go here!!!

Do I need a parkticket or is it inclusive???

We'll let you know later...In Trutnov will be + big campsite, very close to festival area, but all land is in private hands so we need to rent them for fair price first...if there will be some parking fee then really cheap!!!

How expensive is the damned beer???

He,he,he...good question, it's really nice price - something like 30-35 CZK (and you'll get back money for plastic cup!!!), it means like 1.20 - 1.40 euro for half litre of first rate and cold beer from Pilsner Urquell brewery...

At this time you don't have euro, you have Czech crowns (koruna), right???

Yes, we still have our own currency - Czech crowns (koruna)... so you can change money in banks or on borders, but in festival area you can pay by euro too...Festival area is close to cash dispenser.

Please tell me what's up with Parking and camping area...can I camp by car or is parking and camping separately???

YES, you can park next to your tent!!!

How much will CD's in METAL CORE market cost???

Usually from €8 to € 12, really very good price and metal - core market will be really very massive!!!

Is the camp place free or included in the ticket price???

Yes, campsite is free with ticket and will be opened from 3.7.2013, at 10 am!!! Please respect this time!!!

How close are the hotels in Trutnov to the festival area???

Trutnov is not so big town and all hotels are like maximally 3km (about 2 miles) far away from festival area, you can take a taxi too..city map here , more info about Trutnov here and more info about region here

Is it possible to have a dog in the festival and/or camp???

No, please leave your animal friends at home...on fest is a lot of people, noise etc. etc. and also for safety of all fanatics it's not allowed to have animals in festival area!!!

How much does the train from Prague airport to Trutnov cost and return???

I'm sure, it's not so expensive... something like 200 CZK (€ 6) to Trutnov and the same money back (maybe less...), but please try to find some good connection for you on www.idos.cz , here's also English/German version of the site with complete info!!!