Brutal death/grind machine from Holland at OEF for the first time!!! COTE D'AVER!!!

We have another weird bunch of guys to perform coming from Holland this time. COTE D'AVER is a strange phenomenon that will very pleasantly enliven our festival. 

The three Brazilian Amazons will show you what thrash is about!!! NERVOSA!!!

Brazilian thrash metal pack NERVOSA will doubtlessly be another hot candidate for a dark horse of the Obscene Extreme festival in 2015. 

THE KILL - Kill Them All CD!!! Out soon!!!

Suppress your happiness...The madness is back!!! 19 rounds of blast as fuck, chord butchering Aussie grind!!!

Loaded with a bag of insults..."Kill Them All" is another lethal dose of typical relenthless KILL style GRIND!!! Destructive musical violence!!! This album is set to smash its way through to the bitter end!!!

Motörcharged scandicrust from Göteborg

!!! FREDAG DEN 13:E!!!

Swedish hardcore mixed with crust or Swedish crust mixed with hardcore? It does not matter actually. The truth is this band has a potential. And Obscene Extreme 2015 will for sure persuade you. 

Abrasive, fast, brutal…old school gore grind from Denmark!!! UxDxS!!!

Young grind core butchers from Denmark! UxDxS! You will fix the name on your mind as they will chop you to small and pretty bloody pieces! Gore grind in the best form and style, brutal, harsh and fast!!!

FOETAL JUICE, pure-blooded death/grind from England!!!

Do not get deceived by the band's name! Many of you must have thought it would be a classical goregrind in a brass-band rhythm. The opposite is true! Terrific kick-ass death/grind core from the U.K. in the vein of EXHUMED or WORMROT.

Filthy old-school death/thrash metal at OEF 2015!!! INCARCERATION!!!

Old-school death/thrash metal for the gourmets and lovers of REPULSION, REPUGNANT, NIHILIST or old SEPULTURA. 

Explosive gore grind at OEF 2015!!! DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOSION OF ANAL

It was in 2005 when a group of lunatics from Czech decided to disgorge a reeking obscenity called DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOSION OF ANAL
 GARLAND having an absolutely clear idea as the lovers of true gore grind of what they want to torture their audience with.

CLOUD RAT and their hardcore/grind at OEF 2015!!!

Just image ALL PIGS MUST DIE or DEAD IN THE DIRT with female screams. Not possible? So check this out as this is CLOUD RAT. Hardcore / grind with female vocals from the US. Black metal passages mixed with slower killing ones that would turn in a grind massacre in the end.

Spanish grindcore is untiringly attacking Trutnov!!! ENTRÖPIAH!


ENTRÖPIAH. Grind core from Spain that does not need any voluminous introduction to the local fans thanks to their inexhaustible concert activity as they also blew over the Czech basin several times.

Italian Cult Thrash commando to perform at OEF 2015!!! BULLDOZER!!!

We are proud to announce that the most ancient and respected Italian extreme Metal legend will tear to pieces the OEF stage.. kneel down to the mighty BULLDOZER!!

Oscar Garcia strikes again aka NAUSEA at OEF 2015!!!

Obscene Extreme crew does not decidedly rest on their laurels but tries to bring you the elementary bands of extreme styles that influenced many of us right from the start.

Grind/power violence tornado from Holland is attacking from ambush!!! SICK OF STUPIDITY!!!

Formed by an ex-member of Jesus Cröst this new Holland squad is called SICK OF STUPIDITY. Aggressive, brutal, grind core / power violence slaughter we will decidedly hear about next year. 

Grind Your Fucking Head! INHUMATE are returning to OEF!!!

I really do not know if it makes sense at all to introduce this French squad. INHUMATE are a unbelievably respected name in the world of extreme music and their conception of grindcore is the most honest and the most furious you could ever imagine. 

LIFELESS will come back to life for you!!!

Do not definitely get confused by the band`s name. This young formation from Germany just radiates the life. It all started in 2006 when a group of enthusiasts of death metal decided to bring an ire named LIFELESS into the world.

This show will be L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y.!!! TERRORIZER LA!!!

This show will in a word be legendary. Yes, we have to repeat l.e.g.e.n.d.a.r.y.!!! What else should it be, when one of the bands that created the phenomenon of grindcore is to perform at Obscene Extreme 2015?

Sick-Sick-Sick now the moment has come!!! The abomination called LIVIDITY is returning to the OEF stage!!!

I do not believe there is somebody in the world there who is interested in extreme music and has not come accross the name of LIVIDITY. This cult American perversity has been poisoning your lives since 1993.

The ultimate death/grind massacre of HEAD CLEANER from Greece!


The death/grind grinder from Greece called HEAD CLEANER produces a high-quality and technically complex mosh similar to the production of the giants of Napalm Death from the last decade. 

Power violence is still alive!!! DILUTION!!!

That's right, this style again conquers his lost position among the extreme music listeners in recent years. So it is logical that new bands bursting with energy begin to emerge. A great example can be the Italian tornado of Dilution inspired by the Japanese thrashcore/power violence school in the vein of Fuck On The Beach or SOB.