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Wednesday 8th July 2015

 14:00 - ????? FREAK festival + FREAK show


ICON OF EVIL aka Polish response to BOLT THROWER!!!

Polish answer to BOLT THROWER played with a punk filth? ICON OF EVIL! One of the top death metal bands of today from our northern neighbours.

May I have this dance? Czech cyber industrial grind tekno mosh!!! BBYB!!!

BBYB or BABAYABA if you want is a group of lunatics on unknown substancies that decided to approach the art of music from a different direction. 

Harsh grind core debut at OEF presented by MINDFUL OF PRIPYAT!!!

Last year a trio of experienced Italian musicians founded a new extreme grinder called MINDFUL OF PRIPYAT. And their debut recording does sound great! 

German gore-grind tango of UxLxCxM at OEF for the first time!!!

UNDYING LUST FOR CADAVEROUS MOLESTATION shortened as UxLxCxM is a relatively young band from West of Germany. Speaking about Germany it had always been fertile soil for hopping gore-grind groups. 

Every cloud has a silver lining. Or FOREVER UNDERGROUND!!! VITAL REMAINS!!!

This proverb does fit in this case. You may have come across a piece of news that INTERNAL BLEEDING have cancelled their European tour. This also affects our festival unfortunatelly and we cannot do anythig about that. 

To play at OEF!!!

Those who know us know very well we keep supporting young and upcoming bands right from the beginning of the festival. 

69 days!!! Are you ready???

WEDNESDAY - 8. July/červenec 2015






Reserve your place in the VIP CAMP for greater comfort and safe. Making reservations will be possible only until June 20, 2015. In case that the VIP camping site wouldn´t be sold-out until this date, there will be option to buy VIP camp tickets directly at the festival.

Indonesian brutality will slay OEF!!! JASAD!!!

You won't know what hit you until it's too late. Then you're already zombiefied, stumbling to the circlepit, led by the insane blasting and twisted rythmic call to arms. 

Sick, Sick, sick - it's SQUIRTOPHOBIC!!!

They are one of Austria`s finest Goregrind acts. Disbanded in 2014, they will now return just for a special show at Trutnov Battlefield.

LAHAR thrash attack at OEF 2015!


Anyone not to know this local South Bohemia squad? Line-up changes of late are over hopefully and this commando from Pisek (now also partly from Prachatice) have set off for a new journey where one of the stops will be Obscene Extreme 2015.

Grind burst performed by NAK’AY from the US!!!

NAK’AY. If this name does not say much to you now, it will for certain after this year Obscene Extreme festival! A duo consisting of two maniacs from the US playing fast and messy old school grind core in the vein of ASSÜCK or WARSORE. 

This band does not know to slow down!!! ALEA IACTA EST!!!

Young grind core blood of ALEA IACTA EST from Slovakia will show a true hell looks like at this year Obscene Extreme festival. Speed and brutality. One of the best contemporary underground bands of our eastern neighbours.  

FEASTEM from Finland & their kick-ass grind / hardcore at OEF 2015!


You must for sure know this band or must have heard about them at least. Kick-ass grind from Finland. FEASTEM. 

Wednesday 8th July 2015 - NOISECORE NIGHT!!!

If you bet that Obscene Extreme couldn't get more extreme than its usual terrific hailstorm of 66 bands in 4 days, for this 2015 edition you have already lost on day #1!!! 

Fastcore/grind gunfire from Holland!!! MY MINDS MINE!!!

It seems almost unbelievable but this fastcore / grind band from Holand will celebrate their 20th anniversary this year! Including a 10 year break from 2002 to 2012 of course almost the whole band filled with their activity in another fast band named BLOOD I BLEED.

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