RED DEATH - Pretty harsh hardcore commando from the US with the members of COKE BUST in the line-up!!!

The demo of this American squad was a big surprise for the whole hardcore scene. No wonder as there are guys from COKE BUST or INTENT in the band. 

UNTAMED - Grindcore thunderstorm from France for the first time at OEF!!!

France is a country that is very friendly to grindcore bands which is an undisputed fact in the last decade. 

Thrash legend PROTECTOR first time at OEF!!!

PROTECTOR, one of the first headliners for OBSCENE EXTREME 2015! Had this band received a similar support from the label at the start of their career like the other squads in the same vein at that time and their line-up been a little bit more stable to put it simply, their name would have occupied your jeans blouse as much as is the case with SODOM or KREATOR.

Obscene Extreme in Reflex!!!

Obscene Extreme in Reflex, it's Czech famous weekly magazine!!! At least you can enjoy great picture from Roman Cerny.

Dates for OBSCENE EXTREME 2015!!!

The most important date for every freak in 2015? Obscene Extreme 2015 will take place from Wednesday July 8th to Sunday July 12th 2015!!!