Lost and found!!!

This is all we have got as lost and found at Obscene Extreme 2015. Contact us if it's yours!!!

All charity T-shits are sold out!!!

The limited amount of 200 T-shirst have been sold in a record time. We have two last pieces of the black design (size XXL), so hurry up before they are gone. Thank you so much for your support on behalf of Doctors Without Borders.

Highlights from Wednesday!!!

Great Freak Fest and Samora Squid. More photos on :

EXORCIZPHOBIA is filling in the line-up of Obscene Extreme Festival!!!

After the sad news from the dutch band BODYFARM regarding the death in the family of one band member, we proudly announce the stand-in band! It is a local thrash crossover band EXORCIZPHOBIA that will play it´s part instead of BODYFARM! 

KINDER GRINDER Tattoo Workshop!!!

There will be a tattoo workshop for kids available within the children's corner. All the little grinders can practice and learn to work with the tattoo machine (e.g. to tattoo some oranges) under a professional guidance from the tattoo / piercing studio Marre Hradec Kralove. 

Greetings from Trutnov! The weather has been awesome so far but let's get ready for everything!!!

We are already in Trutnov and it's a nice and sunny weather here. But the forecast says there will be some rain and a possible thunderstorm. So, the rubber boots and raincoat can be handy :) The forecasted Thursday temperatures for the day will be around 20 degr. Celsius. 

OBSCENE EXTREME merchandise 2015!!!

New OEF merch...

Be ready!!!

Tickets on site???

OEF has no limit, festival place can take in 20.000 fans so don’t worry about your place on festival if you’ll buy ticket at the gate!!!

Doctors help doctors!!! GENERAL SURGERY charity t-shirts!!!

We are delighted to have connected our charity with the doctors from GENERAL SURGERY!!! This really fits and I hope you will like the design of this year charity t-shirts!!! 

You want it brutally, catchy and with a female vocal?! Then come & check out LOWER THAN ZERO!!!

I'm afraid I have some very sad news. Nak'ay is unfortunately forced to cancel their participation on the upcoming Hemdale tour due to personal/health reasons.

Two weeks!!!

OEF Freak fest is about to start in two weeks. Are you looking forward to that?  What disciplines are you ready to take part in?

OBSCENE EXTREME 2015 festival CD!!!

01. OBITUARY - Centuries Of Lies

02. S.O.B. - Downfall Of Civilization

03. PIG DESTROYER - The Diplomat

04. THANATOS - Global Purification

05. UNHOLY GRAVE - Groans In The Darkness (Re-mix)

Dan Seagrave at Obscene Extreme Festival!!!

The cherry on the imaginary Obscene Extreme Festival's cake will be the visit of Dan Seagrave, one of the best-known painters of metal cover arts, the artist who created cover arts for bands like Entombed, Dismember, Morbid Angel, Pestilence or Suffocation. 

Freakouts will begin traditionally again on Wednesday afternoon by FREAK FEST!!!

5 crazy disciplines, which confirm your ability to survive in extreme conditions as e.g. anaconda´s stomach, siberian ice-cream manufacture, traffic jam in Bangkok or moshplac at Obscene Extreme.

We have cancelled the mobile application!!!

This year we will not use the mobile application at OEF any more. Instead, we will communicate through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will also use the LED screen in case of changes of course.