Get ready for a hopping flamenco of TIBOSITY!!!

Vile bastards called TIBOSITY from sunny Spain will bring a dose of hopping goregrind. The band has been active since 2005 and released two full-length CDs. Their debut was put out by the Czech label Bizzare Leprous Prod. and the latest recording by their local Xtreem Music.

The crust pioneers of HELLBASTARD from British Isles at OEF 2016!!!

When introducing the British crust/metal legend of HELLBASTARD you can easily use their own short description:“HELLBASTARD is often cited as being the band who created the "crust" wave of the 1980's. 

Heavy and dark hardcore from the japanese heroes PALM!!!

PALM! One of the heaviest metallic hardcore bands coming from Japan! 


Attention all you wrestle maniacs out there!!! Ladders,tables, chairs.....oh my Goddddd! This year we will be summer slamming your eyes and ears straight into the ground! Featuring live in ring wrestling matches and an ultra violent performance by EAT THE TURNBUCKLE guaranteed to be drenched in BLOOD!!!!!!! Stay tuned for more details as they come!!!!

Scandinavian grind core smasher performed by LIVET SOM INSATS!!!

LIVET SOM INSATS from Sweden could become another dark horse of this year Obscene Extreme Festival. This time grind maniacs should start paying attention! It is well-known that Nordic countries (especially Sweden) are very grind-friendly. If you however spice up grind with punk approach and unusual ideas…

D-beat/UK82 pioneers of WARWOUND at OEF!!!

WARWOUND. Remember this name. A band that created and was there at the beginnings of d-beat/UK82 punk scene together with DISCHARGE, CRASS or CONFLICT. Between 1981-83 they recorded and put out three iconic demos and then they chose to follow diverse paths. For instance they formed SACRILEGE or VARUKERS.

Boozy and satanistic rock'n'roll at OEF 2016. Ladies and gentlemen….here they are GEHENNAH from Sweden!!!

The band that has been rolling their filthy alcohol-soaked heavy rock'n'roll since 1992 will hit the obscene stage and we are very sure that they will smash your brains and limbs during a massive moshpit.


12.2.2016 BRNO-MELODKA

Motörcharged punk brought by JUST WÄR from Prague!!!

And what about a local punk band? Sure, why not? The city of 100 towers has again unleashed a hobnailed devil from the chain. This time find the time for pogo at OEF with quite a young band named JUST WÄR where you can however run into old well-known faces from bands like EXEKUCE, CLIMAX or DEMARCHE.

Young bones manage to crack pretty loud too!!! SKELETAL REMAINS!!!

How does old school death metal sound when performed by a new generation? True mould of the old scene brought by SKELETAL REMAINS can properly jumble up your limbs!


Czech Republic offers a variety of music that you can dig beyong the non english lyrics. PRŮMYSLOVÁ SMRT brings to you brutally fast hardcore music, with political lyrics and DIY attitude. Their album  Invaze Změn condense all this years around the czech scene.


At Obscene Extreme we are always looking for new bands. These guys are playing a nice mix between crust, hardcore and grind, so that's make it more interesting. Give them a chance and enjoy their music.

Fastcore/grind ammo clip from British Isles is endless. FAMINE!!!

High-capacity reservoir of fastcore/grind bands. This is what the UK has become to Europe. Another squad that has deserved their time on the boards of Obscene Extreme Festival 2016 are FAMINE from Leeds, West Yorkshire. Harsh and primitive, fast grind/fastcore with slowing passages that are so typical for this style. 

If you already know Diabolical Conquest also backwards by heart, it makes no sense to explain more to you!!!

INCANTATION cursed us at OEF back in 2010. With their latest album "Dirges
 of Elysium" however they are again a bit more macabre and it cannot be denied grey hair do them good.

The queens of noise rock at Obscene Extreme 2016!!! MELT-BANANA!!!

There are many descriptions of the style they play. But it is very hard to to define it precisely. Is it noise rock? Or synth grind? Hardcore? 

WAR MASTER, TX, Houston = old school death metal!!!

The title above is a very familiar expression, isn`t it? What about one of the iconic BOLT THROWER's albums for example? Correct. As you would expect WAR MASTER from Houston will cut you up into pieces with their old school death metal inspired by classics in the vein of BOLT THROWER.

VENOMOUS CONCEPT to fucking set you straight!!!

When you throw crust, thrash, hardcore, grind and death in a kettle, add chopped members of BRUTAL TRUTH, NAPALM DEATH, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, PRIMATE, CORRUPT MORAL ALTARS etc. you will get a very tasteful meal called VENOMOUS CONCEPT. These elderly dudes cannot deny their affection for punk and hardcore.

Power violence/grind destruction performed by SHACKLΣS!!!

Bands of this style are more and more needed at Obscene Extreme Festival! There will never be enough of them! Absolutely exquisite mix of old power violence in the vein of CROSSED OUT / INFEST or NO COMMENT with classics in the vein of NAPALM DEATH or SIEGE.

Our most wildest dreams have been heard and the grindcore machine from Texas is back!!! INSECT WARFARE!!!

Thousands of grinders all over the world have been waiting for this moment for many years and now it is here! An exclusive show at Obscene Extreme fest and a comeback we have been impatiently waiting for!!!  

OBSCENE EXTREME History 1999-2015!!!

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