D-beat / punk chaos still ruling in Southern Sweden!!! LAUTSTÜRMER!!!

What it looks like when two ex-members  and a member of the band DRILLER KILLER meet in a band you could already witness in 2011. 

Obscene Extreme 2014 gallery has been cast upon the world!!!

Hallelujah!!! Finally, our official photo gallery is here!!! Recall the great atmosphere that dominates the Battlefield every year!!!

Another lethal squad of Åke from Mob 47 – KORSFÄST!!!

Yes! MOB 47 returning…eeeh. Actually sorry. The time has come for another band with a veteran figure that is and was active in MOB 47 (and DISCARD etc….). 

Another grind band to check your teeth!


In the last few years several new bands appeared in the European grind scene that seem to have found the inspiration for their name in the fascination with dental operations. Properly pathological of course! 

Discipline and gore grind perversity from Slovakia!!! ENEMA SHOWER!!!

According to a survey among young people in Slovakia the prevailing opinion is that a G-spot can be found in the anal region, ...

Slowly We Rot at OEF 2015!!! OBITUARY!!!

Florida death metal giants coming to OEF for the first time! When we all first heard the Slowly We Rot album at the beginning of 90’s, the vocal of John Tardy was hardly to believe and the blastingly heavy quitar tone of Trevor Peres left you breathless. 

Nothing will stop the Japanese grind tornado of UNHOLY GRAVE!!!

That's how it is. This grindcore legend from Japan is immortal! Literally! 

L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y- band from Japan at Obscene Extreme!!! S.O.B.!!!

Yes! And yes once more! Obscene Extreme managed to get really a cult and legendary headliner!

Veteran goregrind band of PUTRID OFFAL on the scene again!!!

The last few years (or months) are under the banner of „backfromthedead“ bands. I bet you will in an instant be able to name so many bands all the fingers on your hand will not be sufficient. 

A band that may play grind where you would not expect that!!! TEST!!!

If they uphold their reputation, this will be a real madness! Another shard of the colourful mosaic called Obscene Extreme! 

Deadly, technical typhoon of POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER at OEF!!!

Life is full of surprises and these technical death metal freaks from the capital of Belarus, Minsk are a clear proof.

What would gore/grind be without HEMDALE?

Do any of you remember the Prague concert of NYCTOPHOBIC, EXHUMED and HEMDALE that took place as part of Grind Over Europe II tour in the 90`s? I do not much either but it was a true hell. That, I know for certain. HEMDALE were one of the bands to have smashed it to pieces there. 

Leeds PowerViolence!!! GETS WORSE!!!

Leeds PowerViolence! GETS WORSE! One of the much discussed names on the contemporary map of powerviolence / grind scene started in 2011. Having put out  7"s well-regarded in the interested public and a debut 10" and just released a slit EP with FISSURE (also at OEF 2015!). 

Old faces oxygenated with new blood at OEF 2015!!! PRIMARY RESISTANCE!


Many of you can surely remember cult hardcore / grind band DISFIGURED CORPSE from North of Moravia.

The BODYFARM competition - there are 3 winners!!!

You won`t believe it but we have received only the correct answers for ourcompetition and the answer is "BODYFARM recorded BATHORY's song "EnterThe Eternal Fire" as a cover song for their new album "The Coming Scourge"!!!

At war with emo … power violence/grindstylo at OEF 2015!


The genre that gets significantly inscribed into the history of ObsceneExtreme festival is decisively also powerviolence / grind. FISSURE from the US are one of this year performers to play this style. 

Harsh grind core tornado in the form of EVISORAX from England!!!

The English grind core trio of EVISORAX will be the tour fellows of MARUTA from the US. And this band does deserve your attention. Epileptic harsh grind core assault to blow over the Trutnov Battlefield as a hurricane.

Brutal mosh on the edge of two styles from Florida - Maruta!!!

Technical mosh on the edge of two styles. Death metal and grind core. Fans of both the styles will be satisfied. It is MARUTA from Florida. 

May i have this dance ? It is URTIKARIA ANAL playing!!!

Everybody at OEF love dances. It is just not possible without dancing and basically we cannot imagine not to. That is exactly what these Mexican sadomaso dancers are there for. Those who saw their show at OEF 2009 could not for sure forget the bizarre dance figures of their singer.