S&M Project!!!

Rituals, do not only follow man from the beginning, some of them bring joy and happiness, they celebrate life, some celebrate birth, others death or the sick mind, this one doesn’t celebrate anything, or maybe it does, it is a celebration of not only perversion, but also of what keep us alive and thanks to which we live.

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Boys from VcV Wrestling will show you three live wrestling matches in the ring and we prepare the highlight of the day in the form of a proper battle of an American and Czech wrestler!!! This evening you can be looking forward to PPTA a EAT THE TURNBUCKLE. These guys are the wrestlng maniacs who will totally kill at The Battlefield. 

Freak Show - Wednesday 13.7.2016 - Selfie, the self-harm clown!!!

Selfie was born last Halloween when I was asked to do a show that can fit the party mood (not like the more ambient, exhibition style I did before), so immediately I thought about a freakshow clown.

Very special GUTALAX ToiToi Show!!! You can't miss this unique show!!!

Wednesday 13th July, start 18:00!!! ToiToi stage!!!

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Wrestlemetal in the wrestling ring of OEF!!! This is PPTA!!!

It is clear due to the special wrestling Wednesday that the performing bands will have something in common with this show. One of them will be the maniacs from PPTA. The title of their home page itself tells clearly that wrestling is their life!  WWW.WRESTLEMETAL.COM

There is just never enough Czech grindcore….. welcome KANDAR!!!

What we can offer in this case is an absolute fresh portion of Czech grindcore! The band was formed in 2015 and for the time being they have been working hard on their debut album. However, this cannot change the fact the guys know how to play great concerts. Well, actually it is no wonder.      


One of the last local bands to perform at this year Obscene Extreme Festival 2016 are fastcore/grind maniacs from Jihlava/Brno PRŮMYSLOVÁ SMRT aka PRŮMYSLOVKA. In the underground circles a warmly welcome album titled „Invaze změn“ that has devastated many unprepared ears was released last year.



July 13 - 17, 2016

TRUTNOV - Battlefield

CZECH Republic

THE VILE, pure-blooded UK punk attack!!!

Obscene Extreme Festival would not be Obscene Extreme Festival were there no space for a pure-blooded punk band. It has become almost a tradition the performing punk bands come mostly from the UK. This time you can pogo to another one from an array of bands of shouter Rat (ex DISCHARGE, VARUKERS).  

Grind core with black metal brought by PLAGUE WIDOW!!!

Fast grind core with a significant bit of black metal? Um? An interesting description that however fits this band like a fat ass on a potty. Who is spoken about? PLAGUE WIDOW!! A new revelation (since 2013) in the American underground scene.    


No band on Earth can incarnate the status of "legendary Hardcore" better than the mighty DEATH SIDE from Tokyo. Founded in the mid 80's, they are hands down one the most respected and representative names from the Japanese.

Fast hardcore ride with GEWOON FUCKING RAGGEN!!!

Well, they know how to play that fast hardcore in Holland. Following an array of bands that will for sure stay in your head you can add another name to this list. GEWOON FUCKING RAGGEN.

You know what urban grind is? Well, if not, you will not believe your eyes!!! RAMIN KUNTOPOLKU!!!

When you meet two suspicious guys wearing balaclavas and speaking a very strange language somewhere inside of the Trutnov Battlefield's venue do not be afraid. They are no terrorists! 

908's heavy weight harsh grind core!!!

Heavy weight grind core as fuck from Denver in the US! This is 908! They have released just two singles so far but with the members of CATHETER or ENEMY REIGN in the line-up they have toured the US with their live show criss-cross.

Another headliner for OEF 2016 is no one else than BRUJERIA!!!

And there will be cutting, decapitating and there will be quite a lot of bloodshed! Do belive us! It will be the second show of this iconic death / grind band of BRUJERIA at Obscene Extreme Festival. However, it may seem to you this band has belonged to this extreme music fest of Trutnov since time immemorial.

Nothing less than an intense stab of brutality!!! VIRULENCY!!!

Hailing from northern Spain, VIRULENCY bring a sonic massacre of technical death metal aggression. Featuring ex members of INTERNAL SUFFERING, VIRULENCY are fully loaded with whirlwind speed and technical prowess akin to the likes of DEFEATED SANITY, GORGASM and CRYPTOPSY.