Old faces oxygenated with new blood at OEF 2015!!! PRIMARY RESISTANCE!


Many of you can surely remember cult hardcore / grind band DISFIGURED CORPSE from North of Moravia.

The BODYFARM competition - there are 3 winners!!!

You won`t believe it but we have received only the correct answers for ourcompetition and the answer is "BODYFARM recorded BATHORY's song "EnterThe Eternal Fire" as a cover song for their new album "The Coming Scourge"!!!

At war with emo … power violence/grindstylo at OEF 2015!


The genre that gets significantly inscribed into the history of ObsceneExtreme festival is decisively also powerviolence / grind. FISSURE from the US are one of this year performers to play this style. 

Harsh grind core tornado in the form of EVISORAX from England!!!

The English grind core trio of EVISORAX will be the tour fellows of MARUTA from the US. And this band does deserve your attention. Epileptic harsh grind core assault to blow over the Trutnov Battlefield as a hurricane.

Brutal mosh on the edge of two styles from Florida - Maruta!!!

Technical mosh on the edge of two styles. Death metal and grind core. Fans of both the styles will be satisfied. It is MARUTA from Florida. 

May i have this dance ? It is URTIKARIA ANAL playing!!!

Everybody at OEF love dances. It is just not possible without dancing and basically we cannot imagine not to. That is exactly what these Mexican sadomaso dancers are there for. Those who saw their show at OEF 2009 could not for sure forget the bizarre dance figures of their singer.

CRETIN cancelled all shows in this year!!!

It is difficult to believe but the US axeman CRETIN just cancelled all their shows in 2015 including their performance at OEF.

Do you love death metal? Then check out BODYFARM competition!!!

Dutch death metal machine BODYFARM, together with their label Cyclone Empire, gave us for this competition 3x "The Coming Scourge" vinyls. 

Who else to represent Swedish crust at OEF than MARTYRDÖD these days!!!

Yes! This year Obscene Extreme line-up begins to be properly filthy with punk! And straight away we start with a name that has lately been spoken about the most in the crust scene. MARTYRDÖD!

THANATOS – Battlefield in the shadow of the wings of death!!!

THANATOS (θάνατος) is the God of Death and Death itself in Greek mythology, a son of Nyx, the goddess of the night, and Tartar, the god of the bottomless abyss of the eternal darkness.

Brutal death/grind machine from Holland at OEF for the first time!!! COTE D'AVER!!!

We have another weird bunch of guys to perform coming from Holland this time. COTE D'AVER is a strange phenomenon that will very pleasantly enliven our festival. 

The three Brazilian Amazons will show you what thrash is about!!! NERVOSA!!!

Brazilian thrash metal pack NERVOSA will doubtlessly be another hot candidate for a dark horse of the Obscene Extreme festival in 2015. 

THE KILL - Kill Them All CD!!! Out soon!!!

Suppress your happiness...The madness is back!!! 19 rounds of blast as fuck, chord butchering Aussie grind!!!

Loaded with a bag of insults..."Kill Them All" is another lethal dose of typical relenthless KILL style GRIND!!! Destructive musical violence!!! This album is set to smash its way through to the bitter end!!!

Motörcharged scandicrust from Göteborg

!!! FREDAG DEN 13:E!!!

Swedish hardcore mixed with crust or Swedish crust mixed with hardcore? It does not matter actually. The truth is this band has a potential. And Obscene Extreme 2015 will for sure persuade you. 

Abrasive, fast, brutal…old school gore grind from Denmark!!! UxDxS!!!

Young grind core butchers from Denmark! UxDxS! You will fix the name on your mind as they will chop you to small and pretty bloody pieces! Gore grind in the best form and style, brutal, harsh and fast!!!

FOETAL JUICE, pure-blooded death/grind from England!!!

Do not get deceived by the band's name! Many of you must have thought it would be a classical goregrind in a brass-band rhythm. The opposite is true! Terrific kick-ass death/grind core from the U.K. in the vein of EXHUMED or WORMROT.

Filthy old-school death/thrash metal at OEF 2015!!! INCARCERATION!!!

Old-school death/thrash metal for the gourmets and lovers of REPULSION, REPUGNANT, NIHILIST or old SEPULTURA. 

Explosive gore grind at OEF 2015!!! DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOSION OF ANAL

It was in 2005 when a group of lunatics from Czech decided to disgorge a reeking obscenity called DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOSION OF ANAL
 GARLAND having an absolutely clear idea as the lovers of true gore grind of what they want to torture their audience with.

CLOUD RAT and their hardcore/grind at OEF 2015!!!

Just image ALL PIGS MUST DIE or DEAD IN THE DIRT with female screams. Not possible? So check this out as this is CLOUD RAT. Hardcore / grind with female vocals from the US. Black metal passages mixed with slower killing ones that would turn in a grind massacre in the end.

Spanish grindcore is untiringly attacking Trutnov!!! ENTRÖPIAH!


ENTRÖPIAH. Grind core from Spain that does not need any voluminous introduction to the local fans thanks to their inexhaustible concert activity as they also blew over the Czech basin several times.