Turkish brutal death commando to assault Obscene in full swing for the first time!!!

We can guarantee balsam for the ears of the fans of DEEDS OF FLESH, INCANTATION or even NECROPHAGIST!!!

Thrash metal legend SODOM for first time at OEF 2016!


HEADLINER - only this word can be used for this band to play Obscene Extreme Festival 2016!!! Legendary thrash metal, the name, which should has been spread out across all music genres. We trully don't know any one from metal, grind, death, hardcore, gore or punk scene, who at the mention of SODOM does not know what was going on.

The grind core hurricane of LOCK-UP at OEF in 2016!!! 

All-star grind core band to get the visitors of Obscene Extreme 
Festival moshing again! Just to name both the ex and current bands of all the members of this squad would be enough for a serialised novel. And we assume it is not necessary either as this band itself slowly becomes a living grind legend.   

Shock treatment with CATTLE DECAPITATION


For this band we have to skip traditional musical introduction and sweet talk. CATTLE DECAPITATION is one of the well-known death metal/grind bands promoting vegetarianism, vegan style of life, and animal rights.


We are very happy to announce another child into the Obscene Extreme family!!! And now as we are full of hopes and energy be ready starting from today's evening. Every day we will introduce one band and start a pretty brisk week presenting both the headliner and co-headliners of our festival for 2016!!!

Gridecore strikes back!!!! GRIDE!!!

One of the most famous local grind bands will hit Trutnov´s stage once again! The whole ug world loves this band. Their latest recording, which is split 10“ with SIDETRACKED is something very delicious for every fan of extreme hardcore/grind.

VADER at Obscene Extreme Festival for the first time!!!

Death metal legend from Poland. Guess who could that be? Moreover a band that has never performed at Obscene Extreme Festival. I see! Bingo? I assume the smart ones know by now.

Brazilian death metal delivered by NERVO CHAOS!!!

Brazilian death metal. Just these three words mean nearly 99% quality guarantee. And NERVO CHAOS are living proof of this statement. Formed in 1996 and with several studio albums under their belt they have shared the stage with a numberless array of giants of the UG scene.

The project of PUTRID PILE will kick your ass!!!

Fucking brutal death powered by catchy riffs, truely fast drums and at times almost absurdly harsh roar. That is what PUTRID PILE does represent. 

Goresoaked Technical Deathgrind OEF 2016 - Cancerous Womb!!!

Blending a mixture of death metal and ferocious grindcore to bring their 
own unique twist of angry, gore soaked technical death grind, Great 
Britain's Cancerous Womb have a statement they're looking to hammer 

Zombie death metal massacre at OEF 2016!!! AVULSED!!!

The Spanish death metal scene has always had a lot to offer. There are also legends in the scene that have been shredding the strings and destroying membranes and vocal cords for more than 20 years. One of them being Avulsed. To be honest one of the most under-appreciated bands ever we do not understand the reason why. 

Low-motion bulldozer gore commando at OEF 2016 - GUINEAPIG!!!

If you can imagine something different from a lovely little pet, you can definitely welcome GUINEAPIG to Obscene Extreme Festival 2016!!! Hailing from Italy, this trio will crush your heads with its powerful and solid goregrind!!!

Sick gore / grind performed by a Polish legend of DEAD INFECTION!!!

For the fourth time and after long seven years (last time in 2009 in Svojšice) the Trutnov venue will be honoured to welcome a cult grind core band of DEAD INFECTION from Poland. Hard to find someone who would not know this pack. Sick and brutal gore/grind core torturing both your and our ear canals since more than quarter of a century.

Grind / hardcore inferno to be performed by ROTTEN SOUND!!!

The first one and a bombshell straight away! Yes, that is exactly the way it is. The first band of the upcoming Obscene Extreme Festival 2016 is here!!!

OBSCENE EXTREME CHARITY 2015!!! After a year once again at Doctors without borders!!!

On Monday 14.9. we set off for the office of Doctors without Borders and brought an unbelievable amount of 109.157,-CZK (approx. 4 043€) with us!!! Many thanks to all of you supporting our charity!!!

Lost and found!!!

This is all we have got as lost and found at Obscene Extreme 2015. Contact us if it's yours!!!

All charity T-shits are sold out!!!

The limited amount of 200 T-shirst have been sold in a record time. We have two last pieces of the black design (size XXL), so hurry up before they are gone. Thank you so much for your support on behalf of Doctors Without Borders.