OEF: You played some shows with a drum pad, and it was a completely new experience. In my opinion it was very cool. How was the crowd response? Jamie: Yes we played 4 shows with that setup and Mike and I used only iPads for our amps. It was a new experience for us all. Jon has chronic issues with his back and hip and in some cases has a tough time walking, so there was no way he could play his old kit for a prolonged period of time. So basically we used the technology that is available to continue working together and creating music...

Shitty devastation in a grind manner!!! CHOKED BY OWN VOMITS!!!

One of the last names for OEF 2017 to be announced is the Czech grind attackers called CHOKED BY OWN VOMITS!!!. The boys started the band having a lot of nice lyrics about various ways of secretion in year 2004 and following a demotape, a full-length album and several split releases they have put out their latest effort which is an absolutely grinding opus titled „Shit World“. Many songs in their live set will be definitely taken from this great record.


Sunday - July 9. 2017

Entrance: 200,- Kč / approx. 8 euro (We share those entrance money to bands who play afterparty)


This year the team of VEGAN FIGHTER with their martial arts show will come to introduce themselves to you. Have you got the courage and feel like trying to have a training with them? You will have the opportunity!


Wednesday 5.7.2017 start 14.00, Thursday 6.7.2017 start 12.00, Friday 7.7.2017 start 10.00, Saturday 8.7.2017 start 10.00. 69 bands from all over the world!!! FREAK fest + special wednesday night + more!!! Ticket including Obscene Extreme 2017 festival CD!!! You´ll get the CD at entrance to festival area!!! Obscene Extreme 1999 - 2017, thanx for your support!!!

NUCLEAR ASSAULT – The game is not over, yet!!!

Danny Lilker :
"Greetings freaks!! Nuclear Assault is very proud to say that we will be appearing at Obscene Extreme 2017! Some of you may say "Wait! I thought that the last Nuclear Assault European performance was at Eindhoven Metal Meeting in December 2015!" You were right, we did say this. 


Gore Death metal masters from Germany are returning to the OEF 2017 stage. The band was established in 1995 playing in the best tradition of slam/gore/groove musick. Following several releases they disbanded to return after five years of hibernation. The two original members Matze and Krüger made the band strong again finding the remaining two members Tob and Mario and the result of their production is their latest effort called „Pimple with Pus“. 

MALIGNANT TUMOUR dissection table comming alive at OEF 2017 after party!!!

MALIGNANT TUMOUR and OBSCENE EXTREME…this is an indivisible bond that started more than 20 years ago and still exists. That is why and also thanx to their highly valued split release with SQUASH BOWELS celebrating 20th anniversary of the release in 1997 at OBSCENE PRODUCTION this year we can announce their special and exclusive (one and only) concert set at Sunday´s OEF afterparty show.

Brazilian hardcore/punk legend RATOS DE PORAO again in Trutnov!!!

This band is one of the big names in the international hardcore/punk scene without further discussions. RATOS DE PORAO are again (for the 3rd time already!) coming back on the stage of the Obscene Extreme Festival. This Brazilian legend will be celebrating their 36th anniversary this year. 

The only representative of Saudi Arabian grind scene is back again! CREATIVE WASTE!!!

Let us make a bet. Who of you can remember the only Saudi Arabian band that has ever performed at the Obscene Extreme Festival? ………. Getting warmer? 2012? Still nothing? CREATIVE WASTE are back!

Hello all the Freaks & Weirdos out there. It's me! Selfie The Clown!!!

Coming back to the Obscene Extreme to play with all of you! We gonna scream, laugh, cut, bleed & puncture our way through this show; checking the limits between sanity and insanity. I have prepared some new, special treats inspired by the spirit of this festival together with some of the old, favorite ones for the upcoming volume. Just ask yourselves what will happen if Selfie accidentally finds a toolbox? The one you hide in a safe place, away from kids and clowns.


The last 36 pcs of charity t-shirts OEF + INSECT WARFARE  available. There will not be more of them. If you like them and you want to do something in a good cause, order here:    


There is a tradition at OEF in the last few years that a representative of dirty, heavy rock'n'roll cannot be missing. A Canadian trio called HARD CHARGER playing forceful, hard and truly dirty rock'n'roll with a touch of punk and metal will deliver a good deal of it onto the boards that mean the world, onto the OEF stage!!!


Only the real diehards may know this Tasmanian–Australian demolition quartet NowyourefuckeD. However, the performance of these gentlemen is unbelievably violent grind core in best tradition of the Australian bands like Warsore and others. Established in 2008 they have already toured in Europe and Indonesia and released of course several demos and singles.

SYSTEMATIC DEATH: raging Japanese Hardcore legend!!!

Furious thrashing mad Hardcore from Yokohama City, Japan!!  If you thought that we had fired all our bullets bringing on the OEF stage Japanese legends such as S.O.B. and DEATH SIDE we are pleased to break your neck again with another highly legendary speed-obsessed unit from the land of the rising sun: SYSTEMATIC DEATH!  

Top-notch blackened crust/thrash by NUCLEAR DEVASTATION!!!

This live show will be a delicacy for the music experts as NUCLEAR DEVASTATION from Holland grippingly mix their harsh primitive black metal with crust/d-beat and heavy-weight sludge/stoner passages. Blackened crust/thrash. 

Disco under the banner of porno or porno under the banner of disco? This question will be answered by ANAL GRIND!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, make your dance dresses ready as these Belarusian lovers of „backdoor“ are going to dance away all both alive and dead. This gore grind gang that has been travelling the faecal waters for more than ten years has gone through an essential change in their line-up – three perverts became five.


A red-hot piece of news for all the crazy fans of punk and hardcore. We can proudly announce a band at OEF 2017 that has been holding the flag of American punk/hardcore high since 1989 and it's TOTAL CHAOS from California. An extraordinary band that has never changed its sound and style since their first demo „Punk Invasion“ and which is very well-known thanx to their intensive gigging alongside big bands of the style like The Exploited, Sham 69 or Conflict amongst others. 

Power violence/sludge from Israel delivered by MOOM at OEF 2017!!!

Obscene Extreme Festival has been discovering young and promising squads for you since some time. This band is no exception either. Awesome, forceful power violence/sludge from Israel who called themselves MOOM. They have two singles and an European tour that took place last year in summer under their belt. 

GOD’S AMERICA have power violence/grind at their fingertips!!!

Power violence lives and not that it doesn’t! This band did shatter the pv/grind scene with their album titled „Merge With The Infinite Now“ that was released at Deep Six / Regurgitated Semen Records last year. Short, a minute-long blasts full of stops and changes of tempo. Sludge passages alternating with a few seconds long grind passages.