THE VILE, pure-blooded UK punk attack!!!

Obscene Extreme Festival would not be Obscene Extreme Festival were there no space for a pure-blooded punk band. It has become almost a tradition the performing punk bands come mostly from the UK. This time you can pogo to another one from an array of bands of shouter Rat (ex DISCHARGE, VARUKERS).  

Grind core with black metal brought by PLAGUE WIDOW!!!

Fast grind core with a significant bit of black metal? Um? An interesting description that however fits this band like a fat ass on a potty. Who is spoken about? PLAGUE WIDOW!! A new revelation (since 2013) in the American underground scene.    


No band on Earth can incarnate the status of "legendary Hardcore" better than the mighty DEATH SIDE from Tokyo. Founded in the mid 80's, they are hands down one the most respected and representative names from the Japanese.

Fast hardcore ride with GEWOON FUCKING RAGGEN!!!

Well, they know how to play that fast hardcore in Holland. Following an array of bands that will for sure stay in your head you can add another name to this list. GEWOON FUCKING RAGGEN.

You know what urban grind is? Well, if not, you will not believe your eyes!!! RAMIN KUNTOPOLKU!!!

When you meet two suspicious guys wearing balaclavas and speaking a very strange language somewhere inside of the Trutnov Battlefield's venue do not be afraid. They are no terrorists! 

908's heavy weight harsh grind core!!!

Heavy weight grind core as fuck from Denver in the US! This is 908! They have released just two singles so far but with the members of CATHETER or ENEMY REIGN in the line-up they have toured the US with their live show criss-cross.

Another headliner for OEF 2016 is no one else than BRUJERIA!!!

And there will be cutting, decapitating and there will be quite a lot of bloodshed! Do belive us! It will be the second show of this iconic death / grind band of BRUJERIA at Obscene Extreme Festival. However, it may seem to you this band has belonged to this extreme music fest of Trutnov since time immemorial.

Nothing less than an intense stab of brutality!!! VIRULENCY!!!

Hailing from northern Spain, VIRULENCY bring a sonic massacre of technical death metal aggression. Featuring ex members of INTERNAL SUFFERING, VIRULENCY are fully loaded with whirlwind speed and technical prowess akin to the likes of DEFEATED SANITY, GORGASM and CRYPTOPSY.


It is for the third time in the OEF`s history the kings of European porno/gore/grind of SPASM will hit our stage. It is totally pointless to introduce this pack of gigolos to you, the fans of extreme music. With their original   approach and image SPASM by right belong to the top acts of this genre. 

MEMORIAM to premiere at Obscene Extreme Festival 2016!!!

We are having a smasher for you! MEMORIAM. You do not know what that is? Just have a look at the line-up with Karl Willetts (BOLT HROWER), Frank Healy (BENEDICTION, SACRILEGE), Andy Whale (ex BOLT THROWER) and Scott Fairfax (ex LIFE DENIED, BENEDICTION). This just cannot be a bad bandll!

Crazy alternative grind core mosh brought by PISS VORTEX!!!

Progressive grind core delivered by PISS VORTEX from Denmark will not give the fans of lunatic and brutal tones in particular any peace. 

Powerviolence/thrash hardcore from South Korea!!!

MYMANMIKE. Well, it is not a pure Korean band but there is a certain touch of exotic there for sure. South Korea. This is correct. However, there are three members and each one from a different country. France, South Korea and the US.

Dutch horror death / doom commando of SKULLHOG!!!

Many of you may have thought this band to play a totally different style. Incorect and unjustified! The wise ones have known for a long time SKULLHOG produce high-quality horror death / doom. 

Filipino crust/grind mix coming from Dubai. This is MATICRUST!!!

Uhuhuuuu. Another from the array of exotic representatives at OEF! Filipino band called MATICRUST who moved to Dubai! Fucking blast!

OEF 2016 Aftershow - show must go on!!!

Draw out your extreme weekend about OEF Aftershow Party!!! 
When? Sunday 17.7.2016, start 18.00 - end 23.00  
Where? TRUTNOV - Battlefield - Beer Tents

Hardcore of THE DOG from Poland at OEF 2016!!!

Hardcore as is right and proper! A delicacy in the form of Polish band THE DOG for all the fans of old good squads like NEGATIVE APPROACH, NEGATIVE FX or SS DECONTROL.

In the skin of Tina Turner's hairdresser. TINA TURNER FRAISEUR!!!

We like new and unknown grindcore bands! And, what is more, if they have a witty name, nothing to think about! That is why be sure to welcome an emerging squad from France called TINA TURNER FRAISEUR in July.


Thirty years after their split with Chaos UK, aptly named "EARSLAUGHTER", EXTREME NOISE TERROR are back at Obscene Extreme and you can bet they will step on stage with only one aim in sight : play by the name of that legendary record! 

Grind is still pretty much high in France!!! BAIN DE SANG!!!

New French grind core squad of BAIN DE SANG know how to pump it up pretty harsh. Not long after their foundation they recorded nine tracks that are ready for a debut album you can listen to even now at their bandcamp.

Old school thrash/hardcore from our northern neighbours of TERRORDOME!!!

You will like this band! Following all the blasts and growls there is nothing better than a breather in a thrash vein delivered by TERRORDOME. Kick-ass old school thrash metal hardcore.