Fastcore/grind ammo clip from British Isles is endless. FAMINE!!!

High-capacity reservoir of fastcore/grind bands. This is what the UK has become to Europe. Another squad that has deserved their time on the boards of Obscene Extreme Festival 2016 are FAMINE from Leeds, West Yorkshire. Harsh and primitive, fast grind/fastcore with slowing passages that are so typical for this style. 

If you already know Diabolical Conquest also backwards by heart, it makes no sense to explain more to you!!!

INCANTATION cursed us at OEF back in 2010. With their latest album "Dirges
 of Elysium" however they are again a bit more macabre and it cannot be denied grey hair do them good.

The queens of noise rock at Obscene Extreme 2016!!! MELT-BANANA!!!

There are many descriptions of the style they play. But it is very hard to to define it precisely. Is it noise rock? Or synth grind? Hardcore? 

WAR MASTER, TX, Houston = old school death metal!!!

The title above is a very familiar expression, isn`t it? What about one of the iconic BOLT THROWER's albums for example? Correct. As you would expect WAR MASTER from Houston will cut you up into pieces with their old school death metal inspired by classics in the vein of BOLT THROWER.

VENOMOUS CONCEPT to fucking set you straight!!!

When you throw crust, thrash, hardcore, grind and death in a kettle, add chopped members of BRUTAL TRUTH, NAPALM DEATH, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, PRIMATE, CORRUPT MORAL ALTARS etc. you will get a very tasteful meal called VENOMOUS CONCEPT. These elderly dudes cannot deny their affection for punk and hardcore.

Power violence/grind destruction performed by SHACKLΣS!!!

Bands of this style are more and more needed at Obscene Extreme Festival! There will never be enough of them! Absolutely exquisite mix of old power violence in the vein of CROSSED OUT / INFEST or NO COMMENT with classics in the vein of NAPALM DEATH or SIEGE.

Our most wildest dreams have been heard and the grindcore machine from Texas is back!!! INSECT WARFARE!!!

Thousands of grinders all over the world have been waiting for this moment for many years and now it is here! An exclusive show at Obscene Extreme fest and a comeback we have been impatiently waiting for!!!  

OBSCENE EXTREME History 1999-2015!!!

826 bands that played show at Obscene Extreme festivals (all Czech festival in Trutnov - Battlefield, except for 2009 in Svojsice, OEF World tour 2015, 2014 & 2013 info below).

Swedish crust / hardcore surprise called GUST!!!

A swedish band that dexterously mixes crust rhythmics with hardcore verve without the result sounding somehow dully. The opposite is true. GUST can be put next to such bands like CURSED, OATHBREAKER, BAPTISTS or DEATH IN THE DIRT.

KRU$H to hit again!!!

This band is something like a safe bet. Live they will never disappoint! Who are we talking about? Of course about the crust / grind machine of KRU$H from Holland! 

GRI(n)D is being played in the north of Sweden too!!!

Not only does the band play a kick-ass grind core but it is also witty! They add to their start and history that they are something like a revenge for sobriety, posers, slow hardcore and lack of fast grindcore in the north of Sweden.


Hi again guys,we are more than happy to have you again at Obscene Extreme mini Winter.

The upcoming OEF volume will be a complete slammers' paradise! One of the surprises will certainly be the gore lovers from Holland. KORPSE!!!

Relatively young band knowing precisely how to fill you chock-full with brutal slam due to previous rich player experience. 

SARCOTROFIA!!! It might be the first guttural gore grind from Mozambique you know!!!

This will be a delicacy for all gore grind maniacs and those who like to discover new and uncharted places on the world's underground scene. 

For summer we have to wait, let´s meet in Brno next month!!!

Open 19:00 Start 20:00

Entry = 280,- Kč


A limited edition of 200 t-shirts was sold out at record speed at OEF and thus we have decided to do 100 more t-shirts…

Attack of the antipodes called WRETCH is coming!!!

I kind of cannot and do not want to dump the feeling that what comes from Australia will always be a high-quality musical massage. Let`s have a look together. I will start with the mighty BLOOD DUSTER, across to the technical PSYCROPTIC and finish somewhere near the blasting THE KILL or CAPTAIN CLEANOFF. This land really has something to offer and it is the time to offer another delicacy. The delicacy is named WRETCH.

Texas massacre, one of the big bands engraved in bold into the brutal death bible. A must see for old chaps & a challenge for young blood. Come and support DEVOURMENT, the legends of slam!!!

Nowadays, one of the well-known founders of ultra brutal style called SLAM with their stylishly rotten festering logo! 

Stop thinking about anything and start to entertain yourselves. This is EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS!!!

When making music it is crucial that it is a entertainment for both the band and the fans. These lunatics from Germany stick to this perfectly. Their performance is a pure pleasure.