BLACKMAIL bringing a solid portion of d-beat / crust from Budapest!!!

High quality d-beat / crust is produced also in countries you would not expect that of. BLACKMAIL is a young and promising group of crusters from Budapest whose members have gone through such bands like Human Error or Freedom Is A Lie. 

Masked terrorist hardcore trio from Finland!!! PSYKOANALYYSI!!!

The band describe themselves as a masked terrorist hardcore trio from Finland producing vitutus (look it up) hardcore and hailing from an unknown, secret place in the middle of Finland. As for their music it is a mix of old Finnish raw punk squads like Kaaos, Riistetyt, Totuus with grind passages. 

RAZOR to butcher you too!!! Speed Thrash mania at OEF!!!

Following many legendary headliners at OEF we can announce a true cult of the cults, the Canadian thrashers of RAZOR!!! Founded in 1983 in   Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Razor have always belonged and still belong to the pioneers of speed and thrash metal styles. 

Do you like chaos composed as music in an extreme way? The mathematical equation of space brutality from Spain!!!

No one can perform that better than just WORMED! You will completely feel dizzy after their set. Their lyrics will transfer you in a space Matrix, so it is better to have a sufficient oxygen supply at hand!

FIEND's second attempt to cut Trutnov to pieces with their grind!!!

Well, they did not succeed to come to OEF 2016 and if this name still does not say anthing to you, be informed this squad was formed in 2012 in Fresno, California followed by an array of kick-ass recordings like a split 7“ with Dead Issue, an independent 7“ „Derailed“ and they plan to do splits with Suffering Mind or Endless Demise.

Grind veterans of SUCKING LEECH from Bavaria at OEF 2017!!!

This grind blast from Germany did not have an easy time throughout their career. Formed in 1998 they disappeared from 2002 to 2012 as if the earth had swallowed them up.  

Do not play with voodoo if you are not self-assured enough!!! KRISIUN!!!

A group of three brothers from Brazilian rainforests have been striking the iron uncompromisingly since 28 years. Their passion is death metal, their inspiration is their fans.

DEAD ROOT bringing harsh grind core with a touch of sludge!!!

Hmmm. Fresh, young and most importantly a very fast grind blood from Australia? We of course cannot miss that. And together with us also those of you who look forward to be there at Obscene Extreme Festival in 2017. DEAD ROOT.


Finnish PURTENANCE are one of Death Metal pioneers in the finnish scene since their inception in 1989. 


Brazilian thrash metal quartet VIOLATOR formed in 2002 belongs to the top acts of the second wave of Brazilian thrash metal influenced by the thrash period of the famous Brazilian act Sepultura amongst others. However, these young boys lead by bass player Pedro kick seriously these old asses!!!

Another chance for DEAD INFECTION!!!

"We’re happy that we can come again to play at the OEF 2017, and to show our true face. 


Do you feel like ready for crazy brutal balls to the wall death grind? Do you also remember the iconic clip of ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE in the yard full of pigs? Have you got it? Animal rights activists heading our way with a new, totally sick album! 

Have your gas masks always at hand, CYTOTOXIN are coming back!!!

Turning the world upside down with their 2nd album and Unique Leader could just rub their hands. 


Presale tickets OEF 2017 starts, now!!! 

Hate turned into music in a Dutch way, a warranty of pure-blooded death metal! Let your soul flow through STYX!!! SINISTER!!!

Their logo still shines in the bible of death metal very brightly and their most iconic album „Hate“ has commenced the second generation. 

Crust windstorm by VICTIMS!!!

OK, ok. It has to be repeated again. What would Obscene Extreme Festival be without a proper portion of crust? Actually, a proper portion of Swedish crust? 

DARKNESS, thrash metal legend from Germany is back and in full strength!!!

Thrash till Death!!! The thrash metal legend of DARKNESS from Germany who wrapped it up in 1993 having recorded two great albums...

The legendary DISCHARGE at OEF 2017!!!

Some of the bands send in a long promos as an Obscene Extreme band info. This band get along with just a simple statement in the form of DISCHARGE => wikipedia. The fathers of d-beat, one of the fathers of punk with a political message, a band the whole crust / punk world acknowledges and tries to imitate.


482.487 CZK (approx.. 18 207 €) - The total amount collected for Doctors without Borders in 2012-2016...

143.062 CZK (approx.. 5 398€) - The amount collected this year...

OBSCENE EXTREME History 1999-2016!!!

870 bands that played show at Obscene Extreme festivals!!! All Czech festival in Trutnov - Battlefield, except for 2009 in Svojsice. OEF World tour 2015, 2014 & 2013 info below.