OEF: Hello friends, the first question is the following. Do you have plans to edit some new material?  Beto: At the moment no, but later we want to edit it with a new song


OEF: Hello Bacteremia, tell us a little about the history of the band.

Bacteremia: Bacteremia was born in 2016 with the idea of making Brutal Death Metal, with a little more than 10 years, Bacteremia has shared scene with very well recognized bands in the national and world brutal death scene, such as, Malignancy, Dehumanized, Devourment, Putrid Pile, Suppuration, Internal Suffering, Goretrade among others. Our first album "Cerebral Wrong Settings" comes under the Italian label Permeated Records and with them we have achieved very important events for the band to this day.


Czech Republic offers a variety of music that you can dig beyong the non english lyrics. PRŮMYSLOVÁ SMRT brings to you brutally fast hardcore music, with political lyrics and DIY attitude. Their album  Invaze Změn condense all this years around the czech scene.


At Obscene Extreme we are always looking for new bands. These guys are playing a nice mix between crust, hardcore and grind, so that's make it more interesting. Give them a chance and enjoy their music.


The Croatian grind core scene is not that well-known like the underground scenes in other countries. BOLESNO GRINJE is the proof. The reason is that from 2007 till now some band members were prohibited to enter EU countries.


The Die is Cast. Obscene Extreme supports new bands, and these guys are one of the top choices this year. Aleia Iacta Est from Slovakia will show their supreme combination of speed and brutality. If you like to explore contemporary underground bands keep an eye on them. 


Grind your mind. We are ready for the mega huge Noisecore party at Obscene Extreme, so we couldn't resist the opportunity to interview one of the icons of Noisecore: DECHE-CHARGE.


They are coming for your cunt. Jig-Ai are the czech flagship of goregrind and they are spreading their sick Guro obsession through the world. You know what to expect in music: face splitting riffs, unstoppable blasts, and inhuman growls spitting something we suppose are lyrics. 


They will positively fuck you up. These gentlemen from UK are labeled as Leeds Powerviolence. But labels means nothing, sound is everything and believe me, these guys deserve the chance to prove themselves at Obscene Extreme. 


Bandung Brutality. Indonesia underground is full of hiddem gems, and Jasad is maybe one of the most brutal bands from Asia. Sharp riffs, non stop blast beats and insane songs with no fillers, just straightforward brutal death metal. 


Viva laMuerte! Vienna has a strange relation with death. They sing about death, play with it and build macabre monuments around it. That fascinating relation is maybe the key of Pungent Stench’s dark humor, something unique that you can’t find in other bands as good as they do. 

DAN LILKER: The Legend

Brutal Truth show at Obscene Extreme 2014 was the latest show of this band in Europe. The close of a chapter in grind, and also in Danny´s Lilker story. How many great bands this man was involved? Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, Anthrax, S.O.D., Venomous Concept, to name a few. 

WEHRMACHT: Beware of the Shark

Wehrmacht and Cryptic Slaughter were among the first bands to combine the speed of thrash metal with the rampant energy of hardcore and punk. 

NUNSLAUGHTER: Devil Metal Blasphemy

Founded in 1987, Cleveland, Ohio’s NUNSLAUGHTER have put out nearly 120 blasphemous releases in over two decades without compromising their harsh, old school death/thrash sound or Christ-butchering image. 

TWISTED TRUTH: Turning people into dust

It seems like every band in Czech Republic has its own personality, especially in grindcore. No human could define what is “Czech Grind ”thanks to the wide variety of freakery in this scene. Twisted Truth was one of the first acts in the nineties that represented the genre, but these guys add their own dose of strange humor, catchy songs and weird lyrics.

WHORESNATION: Matraque! Matraque!

This insanely fast Frenchmen are one of the spearheads of grindcore in their country, with bands like Chiens, Filthy Charity, Doomsisters, etc. This guys has the insane number of 150 gigs in 4 years, a noisy and fast assault to Europe. Grindcore without frills. Harshness and power. Aggression and rage. And always with lyrics that do make sense. Grind is protest!

THE KILL: Fast. Short. Loud.

Australia has a great extreme scene, we enjoyed the music of many aussie bands at OEF. But when we think of grindcore in its purest form, one name that undoubtly comes to our mind is The Kill. Borned in 2000 these psychos keep playing as fast as a human can be. There are releasing a new album Kill Them All, so it was the perfect time to interview them.

Chiens Interview

A peaceful sleeping dog was responsible for the name of one of the faster, insanely aggressive grindcore bands from France. Chiens are ready to fill the battlefield with fast blast beats, loud screaming and frenetic riffing. What more an OEF fan could need?

Gutalax Interview

Attention freaks! These coprophage heroes have grown a lot since their last show at OEF 2012. Tthey make dance the world, with massive tours from Mexico to Russia, and they are coming back to our festival to destroy the stage and spread confetti and shit everywhere… so be careful … Gutalax is coming to Trutnov… yay!