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When it comes to early day crossover and the seminal bands that paved their way through the 80's mixing the precision and intensity of Thrash Metal with the energy and anger of old school Hardcore, the list of those that could be mentioned as essentials would be quite extensive, BUT if you just think about the fastest, craziest and most influential in terms of blasting speed, then the choice is simple: WEHRMACHT and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER!!!

Albums like "Shark Attack", "Biermacht", "Convicted" and "Money Talks" stand as unbeatable milestones of rapid-fire furious Thrash/Speedcore driven by inhuman doses of proto blastbeats, those that will gradually inspire a whole generation of Grind maniacs in the years to come. Now try to image how would it be to see these two forces united on the Obscene Extreme stage. A beer-fueled artillery of unstoppable fast Thrashcore classix to unleash the sickest bone-crushing moshin' hordes.

And the fact is: US Thrash-Hardcore legends WEHRMACHT are coming to OEF for an exclusive headlining show with a very special set, as they'll have among their ranks Mr. Scotty Peterson, fouding drummer of CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER that will join them on stage to deliver some unforgettable anthems from both bands' cult albums! So get ready to face the United ShoeBrothers, the masters of shark endorsed blastbeat friendly party THRASH to blow you away!!!


Wehrmacht is an American thrash metal/hardcore punk band, that was formed in Portland, Oregon, in 1985. The band released several demos and began to gain popularity in the underground metal and punk tape trading community in 1985-1986. After being signed to New Renaissance Records, the band released two albums, 'Shark Attack' and 'Biermacht.'

Guitarist Marco 'Sharko' Zorich and vocalist Tito Matos went on to form Spazztic Blurr with Eric French (who would later replace Brian Lehfeldt on drums) and David Merrick. Brian Lehfeldt would also help form Sweaty Nipples with Eric French and David Merrick.

After the demise of New Renaissance Records, Wehrmacht self-released the EP Vice Grip in 1990, after which the band split up in 1992. Later, Shark Attack and Biermacht were re-issued on one CD.

Lehfeldt would later go on to play in later version of Cryptic Slaughter and tour with Everclear. Lehfeldt's most recent projects are Drumattica and Tri-polar. Shann Mortimer went on to play with the Nervous Christians and Bastard Children of the Roman Empire. He is now a criminal defense attorney. John Duffy continued playing music, most recently with the band Kapuda.

In August 2009, Wehrmacht reunited with the original lineup and began playing live again. On October 24, 2010, Wehrmacht self-released the "Fast As A Shark Attack" EP, their first recording in nearly 20 years. The EP consisted of a cover of the Accept classic 'Fast As A Shark' as well as re-recording of two Wehrmacht classics, 'Shark Attack' and 'United Shoe Bros.' Soon after its release, shows with D.R.I. and Hirax ensued. A European tour and shows in Mexico (Hell and Heaven Festival) then followed.

In 2012, Wehrmacht parted ways with vocalist Tito Matos, replacing him with current frontman Eric Helzer. That following July 14th Eric Helzer made his live debut with the band playing in front of a packed house with Ghoul, Speedwolf, Witchaven among others at the Revelations of Death Fest. In February 2013, Wehrmacht played a packed show with Sacred Reich at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA. In August 2013, Wehrmacht made their way to the East Coast of the United States to play a week's worth of shows with longtime friend Scott Peterson from Cryptic Slaughter. January 2014 saw Wehrmacht tour Japan and Australia. Whilst on tour, Wehrmacht debuted some new songs and announced plans for a new album in 2014.

Wehrmacht is currently continuing to track new material in the studio and play a number of shows in June/July and beyond.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Stolen Thoughts split 7’ with Disintegrator
2010 Fast as a Shark Attack EP
2010 Shark Attack/Biermacht
1990 Vice Grip EP
1989 Biermacht LP
1987 Shark Attack LP
1986 Live at Pine St. Theatre DEMO
1986 Death Punk DEMO
1986 Beermacht DEMO
1985 Rehearsal '85 DEMO
1985 Blow You Away DEMO


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