VITAMIN X Netherland

VITAMIN X - About to Crack


Vitamin X from Amsterdam have become one of the leading hardcore punk thrash bands, releasing some classic records, touring all over the world and playing all major hardcore punk metal fests.

Their unique mix of early 80's political hardcore, fast trash and wild 70's rock riffs immediately caught the attention of US label Havocs Recs (Discharge, Fucked Up, Kylesa, Wolfbrigade, Extreme Noise Terror, From Ashes Rise, etc) who released most of their early records, incl the People That Bleed EP (2001), Down The Drain LP (2002), Bad Trip LP (2004).

The band is known for their explosive and energetic live shows, featuring stage dives, the wall of death, circle pits, blow up mattresses and much more. They toured all over the world, incl Japan, Russia, South America, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, Europe, Malaysia, and 9 times all over the USA.


In 2008 they released their now legendary album 'Full Scale Assault' on Tankcrimes Recs (Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, Ghoul, Cannabis Corpse, Victims). The album got voted best record of the year by many hardcore and metal zines and was recorded in Chicago by Steve Albini (Neurosis, Nirvana, Iggy & Stooges). The gatefold art was by high profile artist and long time fan Baroness' John Baizley (Metallica, Kvelertak, Baroness).

Their latest 2012 album 'About To Crack' was also recorded by Steve Albini and artwork by Baizley and got rave reviews:

-A Masterpiece (gogmagogical.blogspot)

-Kick ass hardcore at its best (foolios.com)

-Stomping blitzkrieg of punk-metal madness punches you in the face (ThrashHead.com)

-Excellent and addictive, gathering the best of punk and metal (Metal Advisor.com)

Besides touring the USA and Europe again in 2012, the band played for the 2nd time at the prestigious 'Hellfest' in France (feat a line-up of Ozzy Osbourne, Guns n Roses, Megadeth, King Diamond, Death Angel, Exodus, etc). In front of 10.000 people they played 'A monumental show', and 'the pit was on fire' according to www.hellfest.com.

In 2013 Vitamin X was invited to play at ''the biggest US punk metal fest'' Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore, with bands like Venom, Carcass, Sleep, Infest, Bolt Thrower, Melvins etc.

VX was featured in all known punk hardcore metal zines, from Thrasher Magazine to Decibel to MRR, and did many radio and tv performances, including 8 live songs for MTV Brazil.

The band is looking forward to play a killer show at Obscene Extreme 2014!!!

Marko Korac – vocals

Marc Emmerik – guitar

Alex Koutsman – bass

Danny – drums


Release date Release name Media
2012 About To Crack LP
2008 Full Scale Assault CD, LP
2005 Rip It Out EP
2004 Bad Trip CD, LP
2002 Down the Drain CD, LP
2001 People That Bleed EP
2000 See Thru Their Lies CD, LP
1999 Once Upon A Time EP
1998 SE Crew EP


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