UXDXS Denmark

UXDXS - Fistful of Suicide


Young grind core butchers from Denmark! UxDxS! You will fix the name on your mind as they will chop you to small and pretty bloody pieces! Gore grind in the best form and style, brutal, harsh and fast!!!

If REGURGITATE or DEAD INFECTION for instance belong to your favourite bands, you know for sure where to rank this squad and will be looking forward to their show as much as we do!!!


Straight outta the Copenhagen ghettos comes the gore splattered grindviolence outfit UxDxS. Driven forth by punishing blast beats and low-end distorted axe, the 4-piece has been around for 2 years playing a handful of shows in the suburban sewers of Cph. ”Too Fast For Love” is the debut recording of UxDxS and presents 15 minutes of pure sonic terrorism with both 300 bpm machine-gun drumming and slow neckbreaking hardcore grooves.

This aggressive squad is planning their second release in early 2015 followed by a number of festival and club shows around EU.


Release date Release name Media
2014 ”Too Fast For Love”,


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