UNTAMED - Fish Reborn


France is a country that is very friendly to grindcore bands which is an undisputed fact in the last decade. Be aware that the wheat has been separated from the chaff again in the form of a drill hammer called UNTAMED created in 1997!

The line-up consists of the guys who are or were active in such bands like Massive Charge or Depraved. Let us hope 2015 will be as important for their production and their overall aspirations as their set at Obscene Extreme Festival 2015.


UNTAMED is a grindcore band from NANCY (East from France) and was born in 1997.

Formed by Joris (guitar) and Jérémy (vocals), the band add Cédric like 2nd guitarist. To find a drummer the band make an advert on a radio. Gauthier will answer and integrate the band with Romain his friend like bassist. The line up change and the band record a CD-R demo called « Scrountch » in 2000 with a video clip on autoproduction. After few years and different line-up the band decide to record a first album in 2006 called « fuck the fucking fuckers » distribute by Meat5000Records. The band play more and with bands like AGATHOCLES, NAPALM DEATH, INHUMATE, BLOCKHEADS,BENIGHTED in different countries.

In 2008 a new cd is coming : a live split with AGATHOCLES on Meat5000Records.

In 2009 : 2nd album cd « grindcore prescription » on autoproduction.

In 2013 the line change anymore and is now (september 2014) composed by Wargy (vocals), Boubou (drums) and _Ptiot_ (guitar).


Release date Release name Media
2014 V/A : UNTAMED on « Compilation III - NVR SRRNDR » - track : fish reborn (digital Mîsos & Ánthrôpos Records)
2013 V/A : UNTAMED on « in grindo veritas compilation » – track : fish not born (cd kaotoxin records)
2009 UNTAMED – grindcore prescription (2nd album cd autoprod)
2008 UNTAMED/AGATHOCLES – goredom/boredom – savage on stage (split cd meat 5000 records)
2006 UNTAMED – fuck the fucking fuckers (1st album cd meat 5000 records)
2002 V/A : UNTAMED on « funeral blast compilation » track : ejacfass (tape compilation)
2002 UNTAMED/H407 (split tape vendredi 13 recordings)
2002 V/A : UNTAMED on « terreur compilation » - track : ejacfass (cd-r symbolic prods)
2002 V/A : UNTAMED on « total rectal compilation volume 1 » - track : beugne (cd-r meat 5000 records)
2001 V/A : UNTAMED on « brain damage compilation – xtreme underground brutal trax » – track : nuclear cerebral (cd-r the french underground)
2000 UNTAMED – scrountch (demo cd-r + videoclip autoprod)


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