TWISTED TRUTH Czech Republic

TWISTED TRUTH - People To Dust


One of the most active bands in the grind scene of the 90`s, a band that played at the very first volume of Obscene Extreme, is back again after years of hibernation. And they seem to be even in a better condition than they were during the last active period.

TWISTED TRUTH will get the chance to prove again at this year Obscene Extreme festival that the pure grind core is still alive in Bohemia.


Try again later...


Release date Release name Media
2012 The pile of scrawl EP
2008 Return of old people CD
2005 Cult of forest workers CD
2000 Dance with vakuum CD
1999 Rot / twisted truth - Split 7" EP, LP
1998 Tumour/twisted truth split MC (TAPE)
1998 Master of pub
1997 You makes me a cow?! DEMO
1997 Senseless/twisted truth split MC (TAPE)
1996 Social deformity/twisted truth split MC (TAPE)
1996 Delight from nothing DEMO
1994 Slaves of life DEMO
1994 Gorilla girl/twisted truth split MC (TAPE)


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