In the last few years several new bands appeared in the European grind scene that seem to have found the inspiration for their name in the fascination with dental operations. Properly pathological of course! No big surprise another band to taste the stage of the Obscene Extreme festival is a band called TEETHGRINDER.


It is not just a mere joke naturally. The Dutch grind core squad was formed from the ashes of well-known DR.DOOM and you will find a big portion of crust, sludge or hardcore in their production. And this sounds very interesting!!!


Teethgrinder was founded early 2013 in the north of the Netherlands. While initially intended as a restart of DrDoom, it soon became obvious that they we’re dealing with something that deserved its own name. Influenced by a broad variety of extreme music genres, they mix the fury of grindcore with black & death metal in a crusty fashion while making sure hints of hardcore, post-metal and sludge shine through.


The first growls of this naturally grown beast were recorded in November 2013. These recordings marked their debut 7” inch named “Hellbound”, which featured four devastating songs. Several record labels showed interest in Teethgrinder’s firstborn and this evolved into a collaborative release between Everdayhate, Addiction to war, Filthy Rat and Crashlanding records. “Hellbound” saw its release on the 24th of March, pressed unto spectacular splatter vinyl and limited to 500 pieces. It sold out in a couple of months.


To promote their first release, Teethgrinder started their crushing live obliteration, sharing stages with bands like Vader, Megadeth, Dillinger Escape Plan, Terrorizer, Corrupt Moral Altar and Enslaved. Furthermore they got booked for festivals like Pedro Pico Pop, Incubate, Freeze, Into The Grave and Dokk’em Open Air.


Grinding on full speed and with no boundaries to hold them back, Teethgrinder recorded their debut full length named “Misanthropy” late 2014. Their new material offers a fresh and diverse collection of furious blasting insanity and crushing melancholy. They will make you grind your teeth until there is nothing left!


Release date Release name Media
2015 Misanthropy full length is recorded but in search of label, will be released in 2015.
2014 Hellbound released by Everydayhate, Filthy rat, Addicted to war and Crashlanding records, March 2014. EP


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