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Evil and Hate


The essence of Evil and a junkie who adores drugs, nordic mythology, and occultism.

A transvestite.


Hated, repulsive, merciless.

Deplorable, primitive and limited. Führer? More like pathetic. 

With his Lady and accomplice. 


An ilustration of what wise men of today despise and hate.

Evil incarnate. 


This nineteenth day of July in the year of our Lord, two thousand and eighteen. 

Second festival day, at Obscene Extreme!



Disclaimer: Everything happening in the performance is completely consensual. 

This is not a promotion of Nazism or other extremist movements whose purpose is suppressing individual freedoms. This is an ARTISTIC expression that CRITIZES these movements and points to them as socially CONDEMN-ABLE. Performers are not involved with any such movements using Nazi symbols or ideas, or any other movements that suppress individual freedoms.





_S&M Project_

_Sultan Sade_


S/M, BDSM, D/s, Bizzare, Fetish, Freak, Spanking, Piss, BodyMods, Erotic, Performance, Show, Photoshooting, Alternative, Productions etc. all of this is our hobby. Sultan Sade and Majkelina Cat  We are weird, shocking deviants. We are exhibicionists, which is why we enjoy our performances and everything that comes along. We’d love to surprise people in either pleasant or unpleasant way – depending on your view. Body modifications are big part of our lives and we’re proudly showing them off. In our free time we are enjoying music as it is very important for us. We’re engaging in BDSM. Contrary to our unwelcoming impression, we’re quite friendly and social, with our point of view on morals though.


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