MY MINDS MINE Netherland

MY MINDS MINE - Pulverized


It seems almost unbelievable but this fastcore / grind band from Holand will celebrate their 20th anniversary this year! Including a 10 year break from 2002 to 2012 of course almost the whole band filled with their activity in another fast band named BLOOD I BLEED.


In any case it does not make a lot of difference to the fact this bunch of veterans and lovers of fast hardcore is back and in a superb form they will present to you at this year Obscene Extreme Festival!!!


In the spring of 1995 My Minds Mine started spewing grindcore tunes. Influences were taken from bands as Napalm Death/Heresy/SOB/Brutal Truth. After doing a handful of local shows, a demo and a 7" EP the debut album entitled: "Between soothing consolation and uncontrollable madness" was released in 1998. In the time that followed My Minds Mine did gigs in Holland, Belgium and Germany, before recording several split 7"s. In 2001 the second album called "Scenes of the complete annihilation of this planet" was recorded. Again gigs followed and this time shows were booked in France and Poland as well. In October of the same year My Minds Mine did a Japanese tour with Idiocy of Groteque and Unholy Grave. Afterwards a split 10" with Heads Hit Concrete was recorded. In August 2002 My Minds Mine broke up. In the next decade most MMM members were active in the fastcore/ powerviolence band Blood I Bleed. In 2014 My Minds Mine reformed and started doing shows again. Sooner or later new material might see light of day as well…


Release date Release name Media
2004 48 Reasons To Leave This Planet CD
2004 Track on Dedication from inspiration (Heresy tribute) LP
2002 Scenes Of The Complete Annihilation Of This Planet CD, LP
2002 Head Hits Concrete / My Minds Mine 10”
2000 My Minds Mine / Idiocy Of Grotesque 7”
2000 My Minds Mine / Unholy Grave 7”
2000 My Minds Mine / Violent Headache 7” EP
1999 Unseen World – 7” EP
1998 Between Soothing Consolation And Uncontrollable Madness CD, LP


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