This band falls exactly into the surprising-as-fuck category! LOWER  THAN ZERO come from Augsburg, Germany and I think you will hear about them a lot in the future for sure. We at OEF have a good nose for extreme talents and this band does precisely fulfill the parameters. Their mix of modern death metal and slam proves them to be a very interesting squad.      

Their singer herself is another story. I can tell you such a filthy guttural this chick has in her throat is rare to hear from a girl. They have been on scene since 2006 so they are pretty experienced musicians with three full-length albums and several EPs in their discography. They are active for gigs as well as the currently planned tour with LIVIDITY proves or their support for CARNIFEX, DESPISED ICON, WHITECHAPEL and others. So, if you need a proper death metal aural massage, just come around to get one in front of the stage at the Trutnov Battlefield.           


Lower than Zero is an Augsburg/germany based Death Metal/Grind Band. Starting in 2006 the Band was and is very active and busy playing Shows and releasing Albums and Ep´s. After some Line Up changes, mainly on the Bass position and a short time with just one Vocalist, the second Singer rejoined the Band and they came back with a new EP with 6 Songs of unique Death metal. The Band loves the Brutal Sound and currently they write new Songs for an upcoming Full Length and prepare for the Summer Tour with Lividity. The Band shared the Stage with Acts like: Brutal truth, Despised Icon, Carnifex, Whitechapel, Fleshless, Inhume, general Surgery, Ingrowing, Keitzer, Milking the Goatmachine, Emeth, Cephalic Impurity, Katalepsy ..... just to name a few.



Release date Release name Media
2015 The Great Decimation EP
2012 Lumberjack Job for a Chainsaw Cowboy
2009 Life Capitulation
2008 Rats EP
2007 Apocalypse is the Cure
2006 ...now it gets ugly DEMO
2006 Children of the Dead


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