Pull on your gasmask and get ready to mosh the gravel to grains with the backing of LE SCRAWL's brutal... saxophone!?

Formed in Potsdam, Germany in 1989, Le Scrawl left their orthodox grindcore origins behind in favour of raiding their parents (and grandparents) record collections for swing, jazz, easy listening and ska and blending it into their experimental mix like a fit in an orchestra pit.

With new album 'SNOWBLIND' out last year on our very own OBSCENE PRODUCTIONS, it'd be madness not to unleash the, er, madness over the unsuspecting grindfreaks of OBSCENE EXTREME 2011.


Le Scrawl was formed back in 1989. Initially strongly influenced by "typical" Grindcore their music eventually became a unique and catchy blend of various musical styles like Jazz, Ska, Swing, etc.

After putting out 4 songs on the "I kill what I eat" compilation (Ecocentric Rec.) in 1993 they started playing live shows, which gradually embedded the use of rather unusual instruments such as flute and saxophone on stage, as well as live video projections.

Following the release of a 7" (Psychomania Rec.) in 1994, and the "Q" mCD (Ecocentric Rec.) in 1995, they recorded a bunch of cover songs released on the "Rotten fake" mCD featuring Agathocles and 7 MxOxNx in 1998.

After a few years in hiatus they put out a discography entitled "Too short to ignore" (Life is abuse/ RSR) in 2002 featuring a comprehensive collection of their work so far. By that time Simon (guitar) joined the band and the "Le" was added. With engineer/ producer Harris Johns – they also found the perfect person to record their stuff. He taped the songs for "Eager to please" (Life is abuse/ RSR) in 2003, mixed the "Full Frontal Nudity" - DVD (Morbid Rec./ Life is abuse) featuring gigs of their California tour and the OEF in 2004 and recorded the "Whisky a go go!" miniCD in 2007. In 2008 the “Le charme discret du grindcore” tour in France featured the new and current line up for the first time live on stage.

In 2010 Le Scrawl released their newest mCD entitled "Snowblind" containing 13 all new songs (Obscene Prod.) once again recorded at the MusicLab in Berlin.


Release date Release name Media
0 “Snowblind" mCD/12” MC (TAPE)
0 "Whisky a go go!" mCD MC (TAPE)
0 "Full Frontal Nudity" DVD DVD


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