KORSFÄST - Lat det brinna


Yes! MOB 47 returning…eeeh. Actually sorry. The time has come for another band with a veteran figure that is and was active in MOB 47 (and DISCARD etc….). The figure is no one else than Åke who surrounded himself with almost a complete line-up of LAUTSTÜRMER or DRILLER KILLER with the singer of RHINOSURGERY. KORSFÄST is an explosive d-beat/crust of the Scandinavian style influenced and inspired by the bands just mentioned above. Their first show in CZ seasoned by a new album to be released in spring!!!  


The band started off with Åke (Mob47, Desperat, ProtesBengt, Discard) and Christ (Driller Killer, Lautstürmer) constantly running in to each other at gigs and talking about doing some d-beat mangel together. After recruiting Adam (Driller Killer, Lautstürmer) on bass, they entered the rehearsalroom, soon spitting out songs and looking for a vocalist. Hank (Rhinosurgery) was recruited to complete the line-up, and after a few weeks the name Korsfäst (Crucified) was branded. Soon after, the first 12" - Huvuden Borde Rulla- ('Heads Ought to Roll') was released on D-takt och Råpunk records. Gigs around Scandinavia was followed up by the recording of the next 12" - Ingen Ro För En Sliten Själ (No Rest For A Worn Out Soul), due to be released in spring 2015. 


Release date Release name Media
2015 Ingen ro för en sliten själ 12", 2015, D-takt & Råpunk Records
2013 Huvuden borde rulla 12", 2013, D-takt & Råpunk Records


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