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You won't know what hit you until it's too late. Then you're already zombiefied, stumbling to the circlepit, led by the insane blasting and twisted rythmic call to arms. The stage is the altar of Indonesias most legendary brutal death metal band JASAD, and you better prepare for this relentless attack from the dark corners of Java. This is pure Indonesian brutality.


JASAD is one of Indonesia´s brutal death veterans since the 90´s and their fanbase reaches far from Indonesia and Asia, around the metal world. OEF is thrilled to announce JASAD's first appearance ever on European soil, the first stop on the Bandung Blasting Euro Tour 2015! See you guys in the pit!!!


The band was formed by bassist Yuli in 1990 with his best friend Faried and Tito.

The name Jasad was chosen after Yuli saw a shirt with the word "Jasad" written on it, the word mean "body", but these word usually mentioned and had relation with the dead, so Jasad mean "dead body", thinking it might appropriately match with the band's image, Faried, Tito, and Yuli agreed to use it for the band's name.


2 years later ( 1992 ), Faried left band, Hendrik and Abut join in to continue, these line up only survie for another 2 years again, all the members left the band except the former Yuli. A year of 1994 finally Yuli found Yayat, Dani and Yadi Behom, and these line up become seriously well known in underground scene especially since they recorded "C'est La Vie" which released in cassette at 1996 under an indie label called Palapa Records.

1998 Yadi Behom left the band and so with Yayat at 1999,then the band experienced several lineup changes with only Yuli and Dani being the member left.


Finally, early of 2000 vocalist Man and guitarist Ferly joined the band. The other two personnels were drummer Dani Papap and original bassist Yuli. This would be their first solid line-up until 2011 when Dani quits. Their debut full length album "Witness of Perfect Torture" was released in 2001 through Indonesian local label Rottrevore Records, these cd also being re-released and distributed worldwide through Forever Underground ( USA ) at 2003.

The "Witness Of Perfect Torture" give very positive feedback, and they had signed with Sevared Records ( USA ) for the album called " Annihilate The Enemy " ( 2005 ), the cover artwork done by Jonzig who had a great reputation in death metal scene.

Since Dani quits at 2011 after the band recorded 2 songs demo, then the band searching of replacement and found Abaz from Undergod.

2013 their last album called "Rebirth Of Jatisunda" which released by both Extreme Souls Productions to distribute in Asian and Sevared Records for rest of the world, the cd has similar content except the cover artwork done by Marco Hasmann from Italy and Bvllsick from Indonesia.


The 2015 line up is Ferly ( guitars ), Yuli ( Bass ), Man ( Vocals ) and Abaz ( Drums ). And they are on writting for new upcoming EP.


Release date Release name Media
2013 Rebirth Of Jati Sunda Full-length CD
2011 Demo DEMO
2006 Rottrevore Death Fest DVD
2005 Annihilate the Enemy Full-length
2001 Ripping the Pregnant DEMO
2001 Witness of Perfect Torture CD
1996 C'est la vie ( EP / Cassette ) EP


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