IMPLORE - La Peste Negra (black tree)


IMPLORE are the fellows of ACxDC on their euro tour. They will try for sure not to get outperformed by their more furious and faster mates and will serve you their very original mix of grind, crust and hardcore live as brilliantly as ACxDC.

Quite a new band that was formed some time last summer and has released a five song recording you can check out and download at their bandcamp. Let us hope they will prepare a surprise in the form of a physical medium for their tour.


Implore came to life on the shape we know today in August 2013 when Schrotti (guitars) and Gabbo (bass & vocals) united forces with Christian Bass (drums). After a quick chain of fortunate events the power trio rapidly started working hard on grindcore death metal songs encompassing different social issues in their lyrics. Six of the songs that conform their live set will be released in March 2014 on 7" and therefore start playing live gigs wherever possible.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Black Knell EP
2013 Demo DEMO


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