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When introducing the British crust/metal legend of HELLBASTARD you can easily use their own short description:“HELLBASTARD is often cited as being the band who created the "crust" wave of the 1980's. They formed in late 1984/'85 then died a premature death in 1992. The band reformed in 2008 only and it seems they are now more popular than ever before“.  

Let us summarize like that. HELLBASTARD at OEF 2016 are a must for every crust fan. Full stop.


"I now tell the children that if they won't brush their teeth, I shall invite Hellbastard 'round for tea..." 

(John Peel - 1989) 

HELLBASTARD is often cited as the band who created the "Crust" wave of the 1980s. They formed in late 1984/85 and stayed active until 1992. The band reformed in 2008 and are now more popular than ever. 

HELLBASTARD bring 'socially aware' lyrics and an unclassifiable form of punk/thrash metal music to the international stage. 

After worldwide sales of over a million, their latest full-length album, Feral (2015) and E.P., Sons of Bitches (2013), both received rave reviews in the worldwide press and have helped bring HELLBASTARD's music to an entire new generation of listeners. 

Since 2008, HELLBASTARD have completed several headlining tours of Europe and the USA and played many prestigious festivals, such as Maryland Deathfest (USA), Pouzza Fest (Canada) and Ieperfest (Belgium).   

The band will be touring the USA again in February 2016 and are already working on the follow up to their successful 'Feral' album.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Feral CD, LP
2013 Sons Of Bitches CD/EP/12" CD, EP
2013 Hellbastard/Dresden Split 12" EP EP
2010 Hellbastard/Dissent Split 7" EP
2009 The Need to Kill CD, LP
2009 Eco-war CD, EP
2002 The Good Go First (Hate Militia LP reissue) LP
1993 Ripper Crust LP reissue LP
1990 Natural Order CD/LP/CASS
1989 They Brought Death 7" EP
1988 Heading for Internal Darkness LP
1988 Thrashing a Dead House 12" split with Extreme Noise Terror
1987 Hate Militia demo cassette
1986 Ripper Crust demo cassette


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