GETS WORSE United Kingdom

GETS WORSE - Tunnel of Goat!


Leeds PowerViolence! GETS WORSE! One of the much discussed names on the contemporary map of powerviolence / grind scene started in 2011. Having put out  7"s well-regarded in the interested public and a debut 10" and just released a slit EP with FISSURE (also at OEF 2015!).


Slow, sludgy passages turning out of a clear sky into a hellish mosh. Terrific! Songs lasting around one minute. Hurricane that will be 100% transferred onto you under the stage of Obscene Extreme Festival 2015!!!


Gets Worse - Leeds Powerviolence.

Formed in late 2011 by long time friends Rich, Tom and Benj, Gets Worse quickly set about writing what would become the eponymous 10" record. Quickly followed up by a short EP and 7" Negative.


2015 has already seen the release of the Gets Worse//Fissure split 7", next up is a one sided split 12" with Henry Fonda and the long time in the making full length album. 


Release date Release name Media
2015 Gets Worse // Henry Fonda - Split 12"
2014 Gets Worse // Fissure - Split 7"
2013 Year of the Bastard EP
2013 Negative 7"
2012 Gets Worse 10"


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