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FISSURE - You Were Never Funny


The genre that gets significantly inscribed into the history of ObsceneExtreme festival is decisively also powerviolence / grind. FISSURE from the US are one of this year performers to play this style. Quite a young band that started around 2012 and managed to release a few ball-rending recordings.


A 7" split with GET/WORSE put out at a local label is one of the latest ones. Short, chopped riffs, stops, speed and a maniacal roar. Great stuff in the vein of NO COMMENT, INFEST or CROSSED OUT. FISSURE at OEF 2015!


Spawning from the often grotesque depths of Orange County and Los Angeles, arose a quartet fusing the intensity of everything you love about power-violence with pit activating hardcore parts.

I introduce to you, Fissure. Forming in 2012, Fissure has slowly developed into they’re own distinctive sound channeling the speed of bands like Despise You and Infest, but will also pummel you with a riff reminiscent of bands like Iron Lung and Extortion. Since their inception they have shared the stage with Despise You, ACxDC, Vitamin X, Graf Orlock, Infest, and D.O.C.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Salvación/Destrucción tape (Murdernoise Records)
2014 Gets Worse//FISSURE split 7" (Murdernoise Records/Dead Heroes Records)
2013 FISSURE self-titled 7" (Melotov Records) EP


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