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F.A.M. (Furor Arma Ministrat) is a grindcore band formed in 2005 by Mlody (drums) and Stoker (guitar), members of polish death metal squad DISSENTER. These two men are responsible for composing bands first promo called "Panzergrind", released 6th of June 2006 D.I.Y.. This mini CD contained 5 songs. A month before entering the studio they started cooperation with two vocalists - Sandro (ex-ASS TO MOUTH, NEUROPATHIA) and Morten (ex-DROWNED CHILD). Later that year Kubov (bass) joined the band and F.A.M. started performing live and participated in Grinding Incursion Tour supporting PARRICIDE and EPICRISE. In late 2006 band started cooperation with singaporean grindcore label SCROTUM JUS RECORDS which was responsible for releasing bands first full length album "Bullet(in)" on 7th of July 2007. Shortly before the recording session they finished cooperation with Sandro and asked Zajcew (ex-PARRICIDE) to join the band. Few months after releasing the album Morten left the band. Their current line-up is the most stable and deadly ever in bands short history. There were few guests on "Bullet(in)". We can hear Luc from F.U.B.A.R./SUPPOSITORY in the opening track "Knallhart" and Sander from BLOODBASTARD in "Blood Of Sahara". There is a cover song of THE EXPLOITED "Beat The Bastards" on the album as well, with guest appearance of Misiek from polish thrash-metal squad ELYSIUM. There are two songs recorded by F.A.M. for DEAD INFECTION tribute album, that is about to be released by Ukragh Productions in the nearest future. Nowadays band is working on their second full length album called "Patriot" which street date haven't been announced yet...

Line-up :

Lukasz "Zajcew" Zajac - vocals

Michal "Stoker" Stopa - guitars

Adam "Kubov" Tuchowski - bass

Dariusz "Mlody" Plaszewski - drums


Release date Release name Media
2007 Bullet(in)
2006 Panzergrind EP


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