ENTROPIAH - Vegetraidores


ENTRÖPIAH. Grind core from Spain that does not need any voluminous introduction to the local fans thanks to their inexhaustible concert activity as they also blew over the Czech basin several times. Yet another band from an array of the quality ones from Spain who differ from the other extreme squads by occasional usage of hardcore/crust elements with a little bit of a darkness in the vein of EKKAIA or REMAINS OF THE DAY!!!


Everything begins in the year 2001, when our musical concerns began to materialize in a music band. The start was a bit uncertain, people going and coming, until the band was formed by Alberto, Oscar, Kuko, Carlos and Juan. We recorded “Autodestruccion” with this forming, in the “Quirofano Sonoro” Studio recording, in the year 2004. Then we were moving from one local to another for training, with various gigs around Spain, and we were about to vanish when Carlos and Oscar decided to leave the proyect. Even though, we still worked and afterwards everything started to change, when we fused up the rest of the members of Entröpiah with the extinted Truperguare. Then, Gon, Pit and Luigi became to be part of the Entröpiah machinery, noticing a more extreme style. In 2010 we started to work our second album “Cuantas vicas” (“how many lives”), that was released by the beginning of 2011, recorded and mixed by ourselves (“La Entropia recordings”), in our city, Segovia. With this album, Gon leaves the band, and Oscar comes back again to the band, and also we incorporated another two "spare" members to de band, they are Miguel and Diego. After 2 European tours and lots of shows, we brutalize a bit our sound in our third album, "Hundida Existencia" ("Sunked Existence")(2014), doing it mor crust/grind, and expand our action ratio, with a Mexican Tour.


Release date Release name Media
2014 "Hundida Existencia"
2011 "Cuantas Vidas"
2004 "Autodestruccion"


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