Knocking out almost a split a year since forming in 1990, German death-dealers ENTRAILS MASSACRE are clearly all about the scene, and what better celebration of that than OBSCENE EXTREME 2013?

With a new 11” LP of gutter-dredging death/grindcore, "Decline Of Our Century", coming in June on POWER-IT-UP, ENTRAILS MASSACRE will be debuting the entirety of it live at OBSCENE EXTREME, making their first OEF show in 5 years a truly special one!!!


All started back in Summer 1990 when two guys wanted to make some noise (inspired by an Atrocity/ PungentStench/ Carcass- show in the former GDR). With many line-up changes in the first months of our existence we recorded 1991 the first stuff for a demo or something. A good friend of the band, Sandro from Regurgitated Semen Rec. released in 1992 the first vinyl from Entrails Massacre. But concerning the lyrix and live performance of the singer we had many boring discussions and decided to do the band now without him. Because of these damn problems E.M. was on ice meanwhile. In 1994 E.M. finally found a good line-up and recorded some new sounds. Peru was visited for the first time, E.M.played some gigs with the side-band from their guitarplayer at this time. In 1996 we played for the first time in Belgium, after that the guitarplayer was replaced because we had to cancel a second Peru-Tour with some trouble following. Later this year the E.M./ Nyctophobic Split-7" was released through our friends from T&M Rec. and new recordings were done for the split-7" with our Japanese friends Unholy Grave on Nat Rec.(Japan). In Summer 1997 we played a first tour in Brazil together with our friends from Rot & Abuso Sonoro. We kicked the bassplayer out before the tour so E.M. was without bassguitar. The bastards have landed-Tour took place in the first weeks of April 1998. We played with our friends from Belgian Cornucopia(R.I.P.)and Wojczech in Germany, Holland, Belgium and in France. For September 1998 E.M. organized an European Tour for our Brazilian amigos from Rot and Abuso Sonoro. We played some shows with them in Germany, Holland, Belgium and the Czech Republic. After this tour we recorded some tunes for a Split-12" w/ Sub-Cut that was released in early 1999 by Absurd Rec. Brazil. A new bassplayer was found and we played a cool show at the "Obscene Extreme Pt.1" Festival in CZ. Unfortunately we lost the guitarplayer in the end of this year together with the girl that was doing some female vocal-experiments. Now Stefan changed from bass to guitar and we did a second Brazil-Tour in the beginning of 2000 as a 3-piece band again. Promoting this tour Towerviolence Rec. (Ger) released a Split- 7" w/ Cruel Face (Bra). Later this year we organized and played an European Tour with our Brazlian friends from Deadmocracy and Desecration. After returning home E.M. recorded some new trax for 7"´s and started to practice with a new bassplayer. The first couple of shows with Robert(bg) went very well and a Split-7" w/ Manifest (Brazil) was released by Scrotum Rec. (Ger) and Towerviolence Rec. (Ger) in the end the year. 2001 E. M. started with a cool European Tour where we also played in Switzerland for the first time. In March a Split- 7" w/ Godstomper (USA) was released through Rescued from Life Rec. (USA). In the following time we built our new practice room and started to make some new trax for the next releases. Towerviolence Rec. did a re-pressing of the Split-7" w/ Godstomper and we prepared for our 2nd assault @ the Obscene Extreme Festival in CZ. In Oct./ Nov.r E.M. did the "Maximum Roadkill"- Tour with our friends from Regurgitate (Swe) & Skrupel (Ger) through Germany/ Holland/ Belgium. Over the Winter we did a couple of new trax for some upcoming releases and in March 2002 we started our 1st Tour de France with the guys from Elysium (Fra) that went out very cool. While doing some Weekend shows in Spring 2002 Towerviolence Rec. (Ger.) released in May the Split -7" w/ C.A.D. from Slovakia. In July 2002 E.M. attacked Europe together w/ Regurgitate (Swe) and Suppository (NL) on the "Grindcore Knockout Tour". The rest of 2002 was spent with making new songx for the upcoming LP/CD and E.M. played some cool shows on festivals in Germany. The first half of 2003 was fill only with rehearsals for our upcoming Split -5" w/ Swedish Blastgodz from Regurgitate and our upcoming 1st full-length LP/CD/MC. After month of rehearsing only E.M. recording the tunes for the Split -5" w/ Regurgitate plus some trax for compilations in the end of May. This time we entered the ASH-Sounddesingery-Studio in Kühlungsborn and the results were pretty good. Actually we began to practise then again in May 2007, but with a different line-up. The position of the guitarplayer changed to Sascha, who is actually playing with Rob in Obscure Mortuary, too. After some time getting back into it we started to play live again in March 2008 and rentered the international stages with an appearance on the Obscene Extreme Fest X. To get a feeling also for the small stages we did some little shows then in Germany and concentrated on doing new songs. Highlight of the Autumn 2008 was the show on the Mosh it up Festival III wich was also our 1st ever performance in Poland. Plans for the year 2009 are to make new trax and record them for a new album that should be released in spring 2010. In March 2010 E.M. entered the Session–Studio in Rostock to record some trax for the "Nägel mit Köpfen II Festival Compilation LP" (W.I.F.A.G.E.N.A. Rec.) and the 20th Anniversary of E.M. which we celebrated in late 2010. In the end of 2010 we spent more time writing new songs for the next E.M. releases and preparing ourselves for the upcoming shows. 2011 were highlighted for us by playing some festival shows, include Blutsvente, Mountains of Death in (CH) and the Bloodshed Fest in (NL). Meanwhile we got ready for our next studiotrip which began in early 2012. E.M. played live shows all over the year and finished the recording process of the new album in the end of 2012. Fall 2013 will be the date to get our new material released. Power it up Rec. (Ger) will release a Split-7” w/ Proletar & Uranium Overdose (SLK) will do a Split-7” w/ Mesrine.Beside that E.M. will be featured on some upcoming Compilations as for example on a Tribute to Disrupt Double LP/CD. In July 2013 Power it up will release the new album by E.M. entitled “Decline of our century” as an 11” LP.


Release date Release name Media
2012 Grindmania Festival CD
2012 Doom & Distortion / Live-DVD on Sensitive Wormrile+W.i.f.a.g.e.n.a. Rec. DVD
2012 Mountains of Death Festival XI DVD
2010 Nägel mit Köpfen Festival II / Live- LP on W.i.f.a.g.e.n.a. Rec. LP
2008 Obscene Extreme Festival X / Live-CD on Obscene Prod. CD


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