According to a survey among young people in Slovakia the prevailing opinion is that a G-spot can be found in the anal region, that an orgasm can be reached by oral fistfuck, that hot wax is great for your skin, that 50 slaps accross the backside improves the sitting posture, that excrements taste well with seed only, that your power of speech can get better only by licking latex heels. You don't think so??


Listen to and watch the show of ENEMA SHOWER from Slovakia!!!


Enema Shower was born in febrary 2008, after an alcohol soaked party, where Necro (guitars) and Jaro (ex-vocals) decided to do some sick music to get all the girls. At the beginning it was only a crazy gorenoise mass, but after Avy (bass) joined the band the first normal songs were born.In the same year we have recorded our first demo called „ The First Enema“ . It was accepted really well amongst the goregrind freaks around the world.


In 2009 Papa joined us  on drums, because the drummachine was not tight enough and the Enema Bondage Squad rolled out. During the years we played at many awesome shows in Austria, Hungary, Czech and Romania and of corse on our Homeground with such great bands as Spasm, Jig-Ai, Katalepsy, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, Isacaarum and many more. From 2009 we participated on countless splits and compilations with bands all around the globe and in 2010 we released our second demo „XXX“ dedicated to our favorite pornstars. In the next year after longterm personal problems Jaro left the band. In 2012 we released our third demo „ In the Name Of Sadism“ limited to 50pieces and sold out. Meanwhile we recruited a young pervert G to do some oral nastyness and he brought new energy to the band.


Unfortunately in 2013 we were forced to take a break for job and family duties but in 2014 we had returned with sexual hunger like never before and we started to work on our first full lenght, which was recorded in January 2015. Now we have „signed“ to the one and only Bizarre Leprous Productions to release our debut album „She Asked For It“.




Release date Release name Media
2015 She Asked For It
2012 In The Name Of Sadism
2008 The First Enema DEMO


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