DILUTION - Relinquish


That's right, this style again conquers his lost position among the extreme music listeners in recent years. So it is logical that new bands bursting with energy begin to emerge. A great example can be the Italian tornado of Dilution inspired by the Japanese thrashcore/power violence school in the vein of Fuck On The Beach or SOB.

The line-up consisting of well-known faces from bands like Sick / Tired or xKatexMoshx. Briefly speaking, loud and fast!!!


An international fastcore band that was meant to play one show, has now turned into a full time project. Based in Italy, Dilution features members of xKatexMoshx, Neid and Disforia and is fronted by American singer Adam Jennings who also serves time in Sick/Tired. Dilution is influenced by classic Japanese bands like S.O.B., Brain Death and Fuck on the Beach, while also giving a nod to the Italian and American bands that came before them. Expect a relentless thrashing whirlwind tornado attack.


Release date Release name Media
2015 LP - out late LP
2015 Self titled 7 inch - out early
2015 Self titled 7 inch - out early


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