CLOUD RAT United States



Just image ALL PIGS MUST DIE or DEAD IN THE DIRT with female screams. Not possible? So check this out as this is CLOUD RAT. Hardcore / grind with female vocals from the US. Black metal passages mixed with slower killing ones that would turn in a grind massacre in the end.

Fucking high-quality and aggressive squad from Michigan with tons of great recordings in a bag. This might be one of dark horses of Obscene Extreme 2015!!!


Cloud Rat is a band consisting of three friends from Michigan, USA playing violent, heavy, emotionally-charged grindcore punk combined with strong DIY/vegan/feminist/queer/anti-fascist ethics and politics. Since forming in late 2009, they have toured relentlessly throughout North America and Europe, and have released two full length LP's, three split LP's, two split 7"s, as well as multiple tapes and compilations.

2015 sees them releasing a third full length LP, multiple splits and more exhaustive international touring.


Release date Release name Media
2013 Moksha LP
2012 Monomaniac Volume One - International 7" Compilation 7" CD
2012 Split with Republic of Dreams LP
2011 Split with Autarkeia 7"
2011 3-way Split with Oily Menace and Wolbachia LP
2010 Split with Xtra Vomit


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