CLITGORE - The Final Cuntdown


It's no surprise that Romania's CLITGORE started out playing goregrind. Since taking on more brutal death metal and classic grind influences, this low down and dirty three-piece have played across Europe with some of the fastest, nastiest bands in the business.

Signing to US label Gore House Productions, CLITGORE's debut album "The Final Cuntdown" is coming later in 2014. Remember them, OBSCENE EXTREME – this is the year they take America.


The band was founded in 2009 by Ela (ex Necrovile).

The songs have a brutal guitar & bass sound, perfect combination with growl/screaming voice & fast drums blastbeat.

Clitgore is a really active band, played more then 100 shows, 5 European Tours in countries like: Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania.

We shared the stage with Extreme Noise Terror, Disgorge, Rompeprop, Mucupurulent, Master, Cliteater, Jesus Crost, Squash Bowels & more cool bands.

We participated in many grind extreme festivals:

- Fekal Party ( Cz)

- Porno Gore Garri fest (ES)

- Brutologos Fest (ES)

- Leucaemia Carnival Open Air (Cz)

- Fast & Frightening Fest (AT)

- Antitrend Party (Brno, CZ)

- Grind' N' Roll Fest (CZ)

- Flesh Party (SK)

- Christmas Vomit Party (SK)

- Transylvanian Deathfest (RO)


CALIN - guitar / vox

ELA - bass / vox

BALAZS - drums


Release date Release name Media
2014 The Final Cuntdown CD
2013 Menstrual Chunks Discorporated CD
2013 Solucias Extremas - Comp.
2012 Gore, gore, gore - Comp.
2012 Sociopathic Mixtape
2012 Ladoscuro comp. (live in Salamanca)
2011 Tribute To Regurgitate CD
2011 Tribute to AxCx CD
2011 Esce Kill the enemies, Destroy the Existenz - Comp. CD
2010 When Injustice Becomes Law - Resistence Becomes Duty - Comp.
2010 Stories Of A Bloody Clit EP
2009 Clitgore DEMO


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