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You'll struggle to find another festival where new bands get such awesome respect and support right off the bat, but OBSCENE EXTREME isn't like other festivals. This is the home for grindcore's global family, and all its children are welcome.

Forming in July 2009, Czech newcomers BUT, preferring their name in Cyrillic as the far more evocative ???, may feature the former drummer of longrunning death/grind extremists INGROWING, but the band have earned a place on the Trutnov Battlefield, as well as a forthcoming debut album on BIZARRE LEPROUS through sheer clattering grindcore chaos.

Battering out the same brand of unrelenting, wind tunnel grindcore as modern NAPALM DEATH and BRUTAL TRUTH, a less d-beat driven PHOBIA and French grind commandos BLOCKHEADS, it doesn't matter how old they are, or who makes up the roster – this band are going to destroy live, and like a proud parent you're going to watch them come of age at OBSCENE EXTREME 2011.


BUT became a band in the spring of 2009 by the drummer Zbyňa (ex-member of a Czech grind core band Ingrowing) and the guitarist Honza (ex-member of a Czech grind core band Uprise). Soon after that the bassist, Kenny (ex-member of a metal crust band Den Za Dnem), joined the two. After that the microphone got into the hands of S.I.D. (ex-member of a hard core band Scrab Plastic, R.I.P.). In July of 2009 they recorded their first seven-track demo recording promo material in the Hellsound studio and they played their first live shows. Along with that, they started to present the band on the bandzone.cz band profile orientated website and it was the way to assure the Czech grind core fans that they mean to play as heavy as fuck grind core as they used to in their respective previous bands before. In April of 2010 the band went to the Hellsound studio again to record six more tracks, four of which were meant to be present on the Posloucháte Jižní Čechy (“You Are Listening to South Bohemia” in English, a vinyl LP compilation series (particularly part III of it). Both of the recordings have been joined to become a promotional CD called COVER. With this promo material in hands, the band is looking for a label in regards to a further cooperation. In their production, BUT have been mostly influenced by bands like Napalm Death, Phobia, Blockheads, Brutal Truth, Nasum, Terrorizer, Slayer and lots of others.

Line-up :

S.I.D. ...... vox.

Honza ......guitars

Kenny ...... bass

Zbyna ...... drums


Release date Release name Media
2011 Split with Respite
2010 Posloucháte Jizni Cechy 3


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