ANALKHOLIC New Caledonia

ANALKHOLIC - Mes Que Una Beer


Check this out. This is a pretty exotic seasoning at our festival. We do strive to introduce new, interesting bands from unusual parts of the world at OEF. New Caledonia is a group of islands in tropical Melanesia where I would personally expect the biggest musical extreme to be the sounds of tropical animals. Wrong, my friends! There is a constantly thirsty duo in this tropical area called ANALKHOLIC there.


These two exots did not succeed to get any orangutan as a drummer so they decided to programme an automat and off to produce a tropical gore-grind. It is really a young band having just two cuts in the palm. One EP from 2013 and a novelty titled After Party - Shit Stinks produced by Bizarre Leprous Prod. Do not expect any technical or original changes. There are other bands to deliver that at OEF. ANALKHOLIC just do their groovy gore - grind in a standard form. I do look forward to this duo to taste Czech beer and enjoy the atmosphere that is there at the Battlefield. They will not want to get back to their eden any more.     




Starting as a duo in early 2011 with Nono (bass), Fitch (guitar/vocals).

At the beginning the band was just a studio project and after a split album with Carnage World System they wanted to make their own shows.

The first demo called Full of Shit was out in 2013 with a groovy grind drum machine.

In 2013 the band participate to the Obscene Extreme Festival Australia 15th Birthday.

Started to record a new shit on 2014 with Goatsound Record Australia.

Released their full-lenght album with Bizarre Leprous Production (CZ) on X'mas 2014.

After Party - Shit Stinks is running all over the world.


Put your beers in the air and c'mon for dancing to the motherfucking tupatupa !


Arnaud AKA Nono Beer Belly - Bass


Adrien AKA Fitch - Guitar/Vocals


Release date Release name Media
2014 After Party - Shit Stinks LP
2013 Full Of Shit EP


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