Czech death metal veterans still going strong!!! TORTHARRY!!!

There are really few bands that keep doing their music in the same good way for over a quarter of a century and we think that this Czech death metal fixed star band TORTHARRY belongs among them for sure. They have been playing under the name of TORTHARRY since 1991 and have already eight full-length albums under their belt achieving bigger or smaller successes across the world metal scene. 

Of course, these veterans have played lots of concerts both at home and abroad meaning they are very skilled and their shows are death metal blasts.

The boys even helped to organize the first edition of Obscene Extreme Festival in 1999 where they also performed and they will have their honoured place in the Wednesday`s program called BACK TO 1999 OEF PARTY at OEF 2018. TORTHARRY…DEATH METAL…welcome back after 20 years at the OEF boards!!!