Aggression, speed, mosh…100% thrash metal!!! LICH KING!!!

So, we have got here one of the first bands for OEF 2018 and straight away it is an ace up our sleeve. The kings of the new age of thrash metal, LICH KING a band from Greenfield, Massachusetts, US. 

Founded in 2007 with six full-length albums out already. Not only the latest one called „The Omniclasm“ put them on the map of thrash metal. The boys are also an experienced live band having toured both America and Europe (two long tours) already.

We can look forward to a powerfull thrash metal in the best tradition of the Bay area bands such as Exodus or Vio-lence with a punk feeling. Their raging music compels you to the moshpit and we are fucking happy to introduce them at OEF 2018. Zach, Nick, Joe, Mike and Brian are looking forward to see you in the legendary Battlefield moshpit…so are we!!!