All of us backing Obscene Extreme Festival are very much looking forward to our anniversary next year and have been working hard on the anniversary festival for some time!!! Recently I have found out I contacted the first band for 2018 volume as early as in September 2016...

For sure we want to salute to the bands that played at our very first festival back in 1999. So, we are planning this special celebration for Wednesday and will try to invite as many bands as possible, both the bands that are still active and we will try to persuade also some that do not play any more...That is why it is clear now this time more than the magical 69 bands will be there at OEF!!!

We understand surely that 20th anniversary is a big commitment. Certainly, we will compile the best line-up possible and for sure invite the bands that were important for our festival in its history!!!


P.S.: We will announce first band tomorrow...What band(s) would you like to see in Trutnov next year?