The FEST CUP is dead, long live the FEST CUP!!!

An infernal heat awaited us on the playground in Prague, Štěrboholy!!! First it has to be mentioned that our team as the only one has also girls and kids  in the line-up (the only exception being Tereza in the team of Ninjas who did play an awesome tournament and proved clearly that nicer gender must not be ignored on the green pitch at all) which handicapped us a bit…however, we are a team believing in the future and there is nothing to complain about!!!      

The start was terribly bad. The DJ was playing an incredible music (many of us did listen to it for the first time ever!!!), tormenting both our ears and as it turned out later also other parts of the body...before we could get ready for any resistance Rebels gashed us literally and won 6:1 deservedly. We have to mention however, this team played beyond their means just in the match against us and we cannot get rid of the impression that these young guys must have had some kind of doping in their veins :)

Anyway, we, as the champions, rose like a phenix from the ashes and supported by our playlist and nice actions we could beat the Ninjas of Rock for was a very good match from us, we controlled the game and showed some pretty actions and won 3:1 deservedly!!! Thanks to the draw of Mr. Tajtrlík, sorry Karlík, we had to go for another match straightaway against the team of obscure individuals of Brutal Assault...everybody know this match means a derby and the victory is a matter of prestige!!! We bit into Obscuros right from the start and soon were up 3:0 and devastated literally the opponent with our precise tika-taka game!!! We performed great things and it is a pitty we were not able to show something from this performance in the first any case due to some moments of abstration in the second half Obscuros were able to adjust the score to 3:2 in our favour in the end. 

2 wins, one defeat, second place in total...we lost the victory right in the first match...we have incorporated two new members into the team and both of them proved very good, Gigi Bilos did great leaps in the goal and Caffeinator pleased us with his phenomenal left and scored two great goals!!! 

We swear at the legacy of the iconic album "Scum" we will be prepared much better next time and try to grab Victory`s laurels!!! 


Brutal Assault Obscuros vs Rock For People Ninja's 0:0

Mighty Sounds Rebels vs Obscene Extreme Grinders 6:1

Grinders goals: Skoři

Brutal Assault Obscuros vs Mighty Sounds Rebels 2:3

Obscene Extreme Grinders vs Rock For People Ninja's 3:1

Grinders goals: Skoři, Čurby, Caffeinator 

Obscene Extreme Grinders vs Brutal Assault Obscuros 3:2

Grinders goals: Skoři, Čurby jr., Caffeinator 

Rock For People Ninja's vs Mighty Sounds Rebels 3:2 

Winner : Mighty Sounds Rebels
2: Obscene Extreme Grinders
3: Rock For People Ninja's
4: Brutal Assault Obscures

Referee`s view: an awesome performance was also delivered by the referee Jirka Říha. Thank you, Jirka!!! You are a great fellow!!! His view can be found here: 

FEST CUP – a celebration of all metallers having except for music also a football in their hearts. This year there were four teams trying to reach the top positions. Who won is not that important now. I want to have a look at the tournament through the eyes of the referee. I can imagine the visions of “normal” mortals about the massacre on the playground where metallers in Steels break their bones, run hatefully around the pitch and even outside... to put it simply the metal guys still just arouse horror (see an episode of a stupid detective series as of recently). Yet, during the whole tournament I had to blow just about three times because of rule violation. Consideration, freindship, mutual respect – it was this year FEST CUP from my point of view as a football referee.