New Zealand's flag of hardcore punk, MASTER BLASTER!!!

Traditionally, fucking angry harcore punk belongs for sure to the extreme music styles at OBSCENE EXTREME. That is why we have chosen an antipodean, new but absolutely rad quartet MASTER BLASTER for you. Started just in 2015 releasing their first demo „ You Suck“ followed by a couple of EP´s with „Doomsdays“ EP being an unbelievably intensive and great recording that tops everything else.

MASTER BLASTER are also very active live band. They toured all around New Zealand, the whole Australian continent, the UK and Europe and played with the bands like Discharge, SNFU, English Dogs or GBH. This summer they will release a new EP titled „Pass Out“, will tour Europe and we are excited to welcome them on the boards of OEF 2017!!! We keep the banner of hardcore punk high!!!