Again, after a year, there is a unique football tournament. This time we will fight, except for traditional „rivals“ of Brutal Assault Obscuros, other teams with many stars, Mighty Sounds Rebels and Rock for People´s Ninjas!!!

As last year we will try to reach the peak and win the cup playing fair!!! Last year euphoria still remains and we will try to remelt it into the victory!!!

So we call you to come and shout very loudly to support our OBSCENE EXTREME GRINDERS team, Sunday 28th of May to Prague Arena Štěrboholy!!!

The traditional and last year winning team line-up will be strengthened by a total athlete jock, Baník Ostrava charger, this year who will run on the green grass with the old school rubber-textile football boots, not caring for new trends!!! This year he will extend our OEF team (writing the band infos for you, helping out with the OEF promotion all around the world in best way possible etc.) and it´s nobody else than the leader of  the biggest band MALIGNANT TUMOUR – Bilos!!!

The team nomination has also been given to our OEF bar leader (and lady – killer) Caffeinator Espressowicz which is a clear and great support for the attacking power of the Grinders!!! 

Our Team line-up : 


1 - Bobina (OEF driver)  
2 - Špička (OEF chatterer, master of the word and creative director of festival bands info) 
3 - Venca (OEF main driver)  
7 - Agáta (OEF new generation)  
8 - Vláďa (Trutnov idler and a longtime OEF helper)  
9 - Fede (Argentina connection, OEF fanzine, another creative man…we will see if we can get him a private jet, because he is too lazy to fly with ussual airlines…) 
10 - El Čurby (OEF director of everything)  
11 - Čurby Jr (The fastest sperm, still a record holder for the youngest participator at the OEF festival in the „age“ of three weeks) 
13 - Mirka ( One the most capable women in the OEF team and surely she can play football too!!!)   
27 - Skoři (Another fast Trutnov connection, the organizer of the traditional OEF pre-festival show)   
33 - Žakyn (Ruler of the OEF beer and everything else connected with OEF beer tents) 
69 - Kamča (OEF catering)  
72 - Caffeinator Espressowicz (Leader and the biggest lady – killer of OEF barrooms)  
99 - Martin The Suffering (OEF layout man, also known under his Indian name „We still have time“, our substitute and equipment manager in one person. He will be expecting a new born child a day before the match so we hope to cheer him up in the match. We will see how this will end…nicely for sure…)  
666 - Bilos (words speech creativity, OEF ambassador)  

Trainer/Manager : Juras Matejkus (OEF catering aka Godly Tofu burger)  
Equipment manager :  Martin The Suffering 
Leader of the team : Áda (OEF presenter)