Hello all the Freaks & Weirdos out there. It's me! Selfie The Clown!!!

Coming back to the Obscene Extreme to play with all of you! We gonna scream, laugh, cut, bleed & puncture our way through this show; checking the limits between sanity and insanity. I have prepared some new, special treats inspired by the spirit of this festival together with some of the old, favorite ones for the upcoming volume. Just ask yourselves what will happen if Selfie accidentally finds a toolbox? The one you hide in a safe place, away from kids and clowns.

From the delicate jewelry hand tools to some heavy-duty construction tools, Selfie will do his best to make you wonder. There are many awesome bands waiting for you all at this festival, bands that will make your ears bleed. But me, I come to make your eyes pop out of your head. Come to explore  the skin, the flesh, the inside & the outside together with me at OEF 2017.